Ethics Policy

These are the ethical standards that shall be held to anyone who publishes content for Armed Gamer and all Armed Gamer properties.


  1. Introduction
    1. Armed Gamer is committed to accurate reporting on all our stories as a foundation and justification for the property’s existence. We do all we can to achieve adequate and appropriate accuracy for all our stories, however the standard for what is accurate may change depending on the nature of the story. For example, we will take all due diligence with news reporting, however may not find the need to dig too deep for a comedy piece. That being said, any and all errors will be fixed and updated in the article as we find them.
    2. In order to ensure accuracy, contributors are asked to, whenever possible,
      1. gather material using first hand sources when possible
      2. check and cross-check facts
      3. validate the authenticity of documentary evidence and digital material
      4. corroborate claims and allegations wherever possible
      5. prioritize accuracy over speed of reporting
  2. Guidelines
    1. Armed Gamer and its contributors must never knowingly and materially mislead the audience. Facts should never be distorted, present invented material as facts, or otherwise undermine the trust placed in us by the audience.
    2. All serious, factual errors must be addressed quickly, clearly, and appropriately.
    3. Any story that relies on a single, unnamed source making a serious allegation must be referred to the Editor to determine whether the information is fit to publish.
    4. If ever possible, we should try to witness events first hand, or when not possible we should speak to first hand sources and, where necessary, corroborate evidence.
    5. Contributors should be reluctant to rely on a single source. If a single source must be relied upon, a name, on-the-record source is always preferable.
    6. If reliable sources could not be obtained, the contributor and the article must clearly state as such.
    7. Material obtained at third parties must be treated with the appropriate caution, taking account of the reputation of the source.