NA LCS Wrap-Up: Quarterfinals: Team Liquid v NRG Esports


The NA LCS have passed with NRG vs Team Liquid! Going into the game I personally thought NRG would beat Team Liquid. NRG’s strength really shined at the start of the split with GBM showing next level plays. And GBM is still a force to be reckoned with, well, maybe next season as NRG did not make it into the Semifinals this season as the team got completely shut out with three losses in a row. After watching the games, I can see why. While I don’t see Team Liquid winning the championship, I can see them at least beating CLG. Which is a stretch, but I think CLG’s time has run out.

Team Liquid v NRG Game 1

Plays were being made right from the start as we have a first blood at just over 1 minute into the game with a 5v5 fight through top side river at level 1 with Lourlo scoring first blood on Ekko. Nothing much happened for about 15 minutes as both teams farm it out and do what they can in a traditional sense to take turrets. NRG ends up taking the fight to Liquid’s Fenix in the mid lane inner tower to try and score some more objectives. However Impact is losing a 1v1 vs Lourlo as Maokai and Liquid follows up on their top laner to score a few kills in an impromptu top lane team fight.

Liquid is at Baron and it is time for NRG to pull some slick plays. While GBM was known for stealing Baron in the split as Viktor, it is Moon on Reksai this game as he steals baron from Liquid. While denied Baron, Liquid capitalizes and scores two kills keeping them in a gold lead. It ends at roughly 30 minutes with NRG only scoring a single kill to TL’s 11. A totally controlled game from Liquid that was executed in a textbook fashion.

Team Liquid v NRG Game 2

Dardoch on Team Liquid proving he owns Lee Sin. With a triple and a quadra soon after during the mid game. He earns his paycheck with multiple picks on NRG’s ADC and jungler solidifying objectives with big damage dealers taken out of the fight spending most of their time staring at a black and white screen. Yet again a total shutdown and total domination against NRG. A 30 minute match that was impressive, but in a sense boring as well due to the nature of the win. While these sorts of matches can be fun, it almost appears NRG isn’t even trying anymore at this point.

Team Liquid v NRG Game 3

NRG loses in champ select with a Varus mid from GBM and Jhin from Altec. While Lourlo picks Nautilus and Dardoch picks Gragas with a Zed from Fenix. Liquid’s team is just created to eliminate immobile carries and the amount of peel is somewhat lacking with Konkwon on Janna. Every kill NRG got, Liquid got two, making the value in gold favor Liquid. Dardoch and Lourlo’s synergy on their champions were on point with great displacement from their skills. Eliminating Ekko and Varus from team fights. At 29 minutes Fenix seemingly gets away from a questionable dive top lane. GBM ends up chasing him halfway across the map, allowing Liquid is able to pressure bot lane.

34 minutes in and Piglet scores a quadra kill and Fenix gets the final kill for an ace. Liquid doesn’t have minions needed to tank towers to end. Two minutes later Piglet scores yet another quadra kill and closes out the quarterfinals getting them into the semifinals against CLG. They are looking fantastic and I can see them beating CLG. This would be easier for them to get into the finals as IMT is easily the stronger team.

I can certainly see the finals being Liquid and Immortals in Vegas and I can’t wait. This season has been wildly unpredictable. The Semifinals take place later this week and we will see who gets to win that trophy.

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