New Pokken Tournament World Championship Information is Revealed


As most eSport championships are getting underway, Nintendo has just announced dates, locations and prize information for their Pokken Tournament World Championship along with a new trailer.

The Pokken Tournament World Championship will take place Aug. 20 in San Francisco, California. Like the video game and the TCG tournaments there will be senior divisions and masters divisions to separate out the age groups from those born the year 2000 or earlier and those born in 2001 and later.

The most exciting part is that the World Championship will have a prize pool worth over $100,000. This is a pretty large pool in comparison to other Nintendo eSport championships in the past. This shows that Nintendo is hopefully taking their competitive games seriously as potential eSports, and hopefully the company continue the commitment in future championships for their other competitive games. The eSports community has embraced Nintendo, and slowly but surely it looks like Nintendo may be embracing them in turn.

There is a full list of prizes available for North Americans, but European competitors are left waiting for that information with a short “coming soon” message up instead. If you’re looking to qualify in America, make sure you sign up for one of the following events: CEO, the Pokemon US National Championships, and EVO, taking place in Florida, Ohio, and Nevada respectively.

This is a lot of information and news for a championship for a game that is not even out yet. Pokken Tournament is set is be released Mar. 18 2016, so there is still a bit of time left before the game is released. Get your game faces on, though, because you’ll only have a few months before the first matches start in June.

If you’re interested, check out the full list of locations and dates and sign yourself up. The game’s only 10 days away! Get hyped!



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