Final Fantasy IX PC Port Gets an Update and Trailer


Final Fantasy is one of those franchises that pretty much will never die. We’ve had ports and re-releases of just about every game except for two. Final Fantasy XII is in the top of my list for nostalgia reasons, but the other that has been hotly anticipated by gamers is Final Fantasy IX. This under-served title was announced for Japan in December, but we had no word of an official release date until today!

While some might have already seen the Final Fantasy IX trailer, the big news today was that Steam finally updated its page with the official trailer and the closest thing we have to a release date so far: Early 2016. To be honest, this HD port actually does look pretty good. The fidelity and the aesthetics are pretty on point for what was a late Playstation game. Of course, HD fidelity isn’t all we can expect to see from this game. Square Enix has promised achievements, an auto-save function, and more.

If you aren’t a PC gamer, never fear! Square Enix has also announced Final Fantasy IX will make its way to smartphones and mobile devices. There’s no word on an American mobile release date yet, but I can’t imagine it will be all that far behind the PC edition. Please, Squenix, don’t make me eat those words!

Then again… this makes how many re-releases of previous titles from Square Enix’s catalog? Is anyone else beginning to feel like they’re stalling until they can finally release Final Fantasy XV? Or how about Kingdom Hearts 3? And what about that Final Fantasy VII remake? What are your opinions on that? Whatever, either way I’m still going to play the ever loving crap out of Final Fantasy IX and be just as dumb with is as I was VII. Because I’m an adult.

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