Boom Raider Fan Film Is an Aboslute Delight


Rise of the Tomb Raider has been out since November for most of the world, but the PC release is right around the corner. Just in time to get people hyped again, the creative folks at the Australia-based YouTube channel Fury Fingers have released this excellent fan film/parody, ‘Boom Raider’ that details Laura’s mission to just blow up that goddamn red barrel! Seriously, is there nothing more this girl wants in her life than to just blow that thing up!

A few hands helped out in the production of this video including cosplayer Shiveeejam who trained with a fight choreographer before the shoot, the photographer Mr. Steamkittens, and surprisingly the support of the game’s developer, Crystal Dynamics. That’s right, this fan film has the full blessing of the team behind the game. That means not only do they not have to worry about legal shenanigans, but they were able to receive quite a bit of attention. All in all for about 2 days apparently the total cost was $1,500 which is damn impressive for a video shot in 4K and so far they’re just above 42k views.

I can’t lie, I appreciate the tongue-in-cheek humor of this video as well as the pretty cool action. It blends the game elements and UI nicely without getting in the way, and I managed to  at least get a good chuckle out of some of the visual gags. For a fan film without any spoken words, Boom Raider somehow manages to stay captivating without being annoying. Perhaps my favorite thing about the whole production is the fact that they managed to be of quality without going completely grimdark like so many fan films out there these days. The comedy was on point and the action by Shiveee, who of course makes a fantastic Lara Croft, shows that the fight choreography training really paid off. All I want to know is seriously… why the hell did that guy have a sword? Who just walks around in the forest with a sword? Other than Aragorn I mean.

If you liked this video make sure you give their channel a follow and check out some of their other fan films like ‘Sleeping with the Enemy‘, a Metal Gear Solid fan film that once again blends humor and action into a delightfully fun experience.

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