Verizon’s Minecraft Mod is Actually Pretty Cool


As far as Minecraft mods go, there are actually some pretty interesting ones out there. There’s the redstone computer, there’s the scale model of the entire country of Denmark, and oh man just Google it all. Minecraft is a world of possibilities on its own, and it seems telecom companies are getting wind. Just recently Verizon’s Minecraft mod went live, and it actually looks pretty cool.

The basics of the mod are that you can actually build and use a working cellphone in the game. The way you operate it is VERY similar to the Minecraft calculator, but what you can do with it is so much greater. Users are able to place calls, receive messages, and even crazier: make Facetime calls to their cellphones. It’s not exactly high fidelity stuff, but, it’s DEFINITELY workable and pretty insane. Adding to that, the other end of Facetime will see your Minecraft character, just making the entire ordeal that much more fun. Make sure you check out the video above!

So there are a few things you need to do to get this working. First, you need to build the phone. All in all that’s pretty simple, and the video above will give you an idea of that. After the phone is up, verizon's minecraft mod cell phone toweryou need to build a tower. Again, not all that hard, and it’s just a pretty cool looking tower. Once that’s up, all you have to do is boot up the “phone” and start messing around by pressing the giant buttons. Technically, I should add, you can browse the web on this phone as well, but because the resolution is so bad you really won’t be able to see much. Still… it’s technically there.

As much as I REALLY hate to give them credit, Verizon’s Minecraft mod is actually some pretty decent marketing and a pretty cool feature to toy around with. You can check out their code here if you want to mess around with it yourself.

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