The Escapists: The Walking Dead Review


The Escapists has recently gained a burst of popularity on Steam. I never played the game before but I always saw the hundreds of Let’s Plays on Youtube. You could say I am a fan of The Walking Dead so when I saw the game I was intrigued. Other than Season 1 of Telltale’s game and some mobile titles, Walking Dead games have been a dime a dozen. The show is massively popular as is the comic. I was interested to see what kind of game The Escapists: The Walking Dead was, and if it followed the show or the comic.

This game follows the AMC show, not the comic, which isn’t all that bad. Basing the game off the show is safer than the print version of the franchise because it increases the audience. TE: TWD has various Acts to play in, all are locations in the show with the show’s characters. When completed, you get some 8bit storytelling and you move on.

Objectives, objectives, objectives. Side quests galore should be the tagline of this game. Basically, you have a certain number of hours in the day, and you will use this time to increase Rick’s stats, build bonds with the other characters in the level, collect weapons, fight zombies, and of course, complete the different missions given to you. This game is all about time management and in some ways, it can be enjoyable, but mostly it’s just an annoyance.


What makes it annoying how how there is so much to do, and never enough time to do it. I guess that is a clever way of reminding me of real life. I just wish the gameplay was more varied. It couldn’t keep me invested. The game is rather predictable and that makes the entire experience dull and bland. The story isn’t compelling enough to make me want to progress further and there is nothing specific that makes me want to pick who I want to join my party and who I want to ignore.

There are some light RPG elements but they feel out of place. More often than not, upgrading your stats is almost pointless. You will spend all of your time getting stronger, only to realize you missed out on more missions and you spend more time than you need to in that particular act.

Everything about TE: TWD is what I hate about tie-in games. There’s no personality. Other than the names of the characters, this could easily be The Escapists: Zombies. While playing, I couldn’t find myself caring about the game enough to continue moving forward. The gameplay is impersonal, lacks personality, and leaves too much to be desired.

In the end, I wouldn’t recommend this game for anyone. This is an easy pass for gamers and fans of the show/comic alike. Spend your money on something else. In case you want to take a chance, you can get it on the Xbox One or PC.

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