Halloween Countdown Day X – Among the Sleep


Halloween’s finally here, folks! Seriously, watch out. I think he has a gun. Before we all descend into anarchy and Satanic worship, I just wanted to plug the final game plus a special bonus game! And finally, I’d like to thank everyone for taking the time to read these. Hopefully I convinced some of you to make a solid purchase this week.

Day Ten – Among the Sleep

Among the Sleep is the horror premise we’ve been waiting for and it’s been quite awhile. Playing as a two-year-old child, you get to brave the psychologically traumatizing hellscape not even an adult could handle. Good luck!

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Finally, there’s a horror game with an undeniably viable reason why your character can’t fight back. As such, Among the Sleep happens to be one of the most psychologically trying and atmospheric horror games I’ve ever played. There’s a few good reasons, but I’d like to tackle how this works mechanically before anything.

So. You’re two years old, not very tall, and you can’t travel very fast. So much for outrunning the demons that await you. The camera gives an extreme low-angle shot which makes everything mountainous by comparison. Everything is larger, more intimidating, and at this level the developers don’t have to try too hard to scare you. Of course, they don’t let you off easy.

The simple remedy to your height challenge is the relationship between you and your teddy bear. It is an unintentionally creepy one unfortunately, but I can respect the efforts. The 3D assets have an uncanny resemblance to a basement Pixar cartoon published in Pakistan and the rigging isn’t any better. As such, perfectly neutral conversations come off as daunting. During the first half of the game, I didn’t trust the bear, and I wouldn’t be surprised if no one else did either.


The horror doesn’t stop at preternatural stuffed bears. Say you’re waddling around a warped forest or something. Then, out of nowhere, you hear heavy breathing, a spike in the music, and a twinge at your neck. It’s classic conditioning to let you know something’s watching you, following you even, but you’re a toddler. You need to run! Unfortunately for us the main character can only walk for intermittent periods of time before resorting to crawling. And there’s no way in hell you’re losing speed to turn around and see what’s chasing you. Maybe it’s nothing. Maybe it’s everything you ever feared.

The terror is impeccable, and although the developers struck gold to begin with, they managed to refine it to an ornate centerpiece. Even their conventional horror elements such as a pitch-black room and the character’s necessity to hide are done in a way that doesn’t desensitize the player, but lulls them into a moment of introspection and reservation. Having to hide in this game creates a an enclave of safety before you have to push forward.


The story is something else entirely. It stands above its predecessors for keeping an arm’s distance from reality but at the same time hitting very close to home. It utilizes the survival horror elements in its design to filter more heavy connotations through a unique lens. You play as a two-year-old child, but your mind works on a higher plane, and as such, it’s a bit harder to portray an environment that you can both comprehend. It works beautifully and maintains a solid theme with very minute breaks in the structure as a whole.

The story may fall a bit short (timewise) for some players, especially horror veterans, and while the length doesn’t matter with any regards, it’s the lack of content or the void of space where content could have been. Perhaps the developers avoided bloating to keep the game concise, but I can’t relinquish that feeling of incompleteness.

The game’s on sale now! Go pick it up!


Alright guys, you stuck with me this far. So, if none of the other games did it for you, maybe we can talk straight viscera and explosive, kinetic action. Killing Floor 2 is my recommendation for an early access gorefest this Halloween. Big guns, big explosions, and a big sense of humor. You can check out my preview here and let the sweet allure of heavy metal invigorate your primal senses.

? Happy Halloween! ?

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