Legends of Einswald Review


I’ve had Legends of Einswald since the start of its Early Access period. I played it off and on, but the game was too bare bones for me to gain interest. It wasn’t until the full release where I got to experience what the game was trying to offer. Basically, it’s the Disciples series from years ago. Not necessarily a bad thing, but Legends of Einswald is still missing something, and it can be quite frustrating.

You play as a group of misfit knights/fighters looking to fit into a world of disease and power hungry humans. There are no monsters in this game, which is a nice change from typical “fantasy” games. There’s magic as well, but I still appreciate the humans being the #1 enemy –  sometimes, I just don’t care about dragons. Sadly, that’s all I could really find that’s original about this game, but that doesn’t make it bad.

Ylegends of einswald 1ou have an overworld with locations to visit. You talk with citizens to accept and turn in quests. Along the way you will find yourself getting into fights with other people. Combat is grid based on small arenas. Similar to the Disciples and Blackguards franchises, you will command your team with attacks and skills to eliminate the enemy. Combat isn’t overly complicated and it is incredibly easy to understand. While some battles are harder than others, there aren’t any game mechanics that make it stand out.

Each soldier has their own class and equipment to use. You can hire new people to use or recruit them from quests. This is a RPG after all, so you will be leveling up your party and allocating skill points. Become the most overpowered being in the game and win.

Just because this game plays exactly like you would expect it to doesn’t make it bad. The art is fantastic and it uses ideas that have been in RPGs for years. It seems relatively balanced with side quests and main quests.

If you’re looking for the massively immersive world with memorable characters and a lasting impression, you won’t find it in Legends of Einswald. It doesn’t have much replay value, but the base game has a lot to do. This is by no means a short game.

While the art is great, it’s mostly in the environments. Characters and animations are rather wooden and movements are too stiff for my liking. It doesn’t ruin the experience, but it is enough to make me kind of not want to keep playing. The character models aren’t too much different from each other and the armor is period precise. So nothing incredibly flashy like in other medieval-esque games. I guess Legends of Einswald lacks fine tuning and polish. That would be my biggest complaint. Everything else is simply average.

You will find a very solid strategy RPG for the PC. I suggest you get this game if you want something new to play without risking a total flop.

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