It’s National Video Games Day!


It seems like there’s a “National /blank/ Day” for anything and everything lately. National Dog Day, Beer Day, Wear A Dress To Work Day, whatever.

Today, we celebrate a day regarding an industry that’s brought us so much joy and has brought so many of us together, if only so that we can tell each other exactly how many times we’ve had sex with the other person’s mother. That’s right everyone, it’s National Video Game Day.

If you’d told me when I was a little kid that there was going to be a day where we recognized video games… well, I would have probably said that was every day and told you to get out of my room so I could keep playing Super Nintendo. My point though, is that we’ve come a long way. We’ve come all the way from games like Pong

to platformers like the Super Mario games…

…all the way to games with millions and millions of players like League of Legends.

Yet, it seems like more often than not, we’re all divided when it comes to the world of video games. The big three consoles are always dueling for supremacy, and their fans continue the battle. The only time console gamers seem to stand united is when the PC vs. Console debate rears its head. We’ve got things like Gamergate, which is a whole mess in and of itself that I don’t even want to get back into. We look down on the casual gamers because they don’t play as often as we do or because they not on Steam or a console, rolling our eyes at someone declaring they’re a gamer while playing on their iPhone while we hold our Vita and 3DS (despite that we’re all playing the same indie title or ported remake). Gamers still yell plenty of racist remarks over voice chat. Outcry continues to inform us that female gamers get tons of shit that the males don’t, despite a pretty equal ratio of gaming among the sexes.

We’ve got problems, guys (and gals). Today though, let’s try to push all of that to the side and remember that we just love video games. They’re magnificent things that allow us to immerse ourselves in different worlds like nothing else. They’ve taught us life lessons about trial-and-error, perseverance, and cooperation. Thirty years ago, the only relation video games had to movies were terrible knock off games. Now, they make movies out of our games and our games have better stories (and cinematography) than most things Hollywood puts out.

Gaming has become such a cultural force that it is taught in universities, utilized in scientific and medical research, and even allows people like me to get paid to write about something they love. It’s not just a hobby or a club that we can keep to ourselves. It’s something that we love, and it’s loved by more and more people each day.

It’s National Video Games Day. Hell, we’re so cool we have a national day for it alongside just another “Video Games Day” in July. Let’s all just take a moment to realize how cool gaming is and play a bit, letting all of our rivalries fade for one day. Be you PC or Console, FPS or RPG, let’s just load up some of our favorites and share the love. If Mario and Sonic can put their years behind them, we can do it for a day.

But if we can’t, let’s at least be united in our bashing, and take today to remind the world that we still all think the N-Gage was a terrible idea.

About David A. Reeves

David is a 25 year old graduate with a BA in English, and he's wondering how all of this adult stuff crept up on him. He has a large love of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy, a lack of budget sense during Steam sales, and is involved in an abusive relationship with the MMO genre. Outside of gaming, David can be found reading books with swords and magic, suffering from writer's block on that story he said he'd write, enjoying a hookah or a beer with friends, and trying not to say anything inappropriate despite the overwhelming urge. He's an odd fellow.

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