What Happens When Zelda Goes Western?


Ever wonder what happens when Zelda goes Western? No? Okay, neither did I, but this new fan film really nails the entire motif.

So it’s been -ages- since I wrote about a fan film on here, and that had been a mistake. Fan films are awesome, and this latest one is no exception. Published by Beat Down BoogieHang Em Hyrule is a Western themed The Legend of Zelda fan film. It wonderfully blends the pastiches of Clint Eastwood’s brand of gritty western with the elements of The Legend of Zelda to give us a fan film that is beyond entertaining.  Just watch it above!

If that video is totally your style, you should absolutely check out their other videos like the Mario Warfare series. Seriously, guys, their videos are absolutely fantastic!

Make sure to give their channel a subscribe, and if it’s your speed, support their Patreon.


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