Final Fantasy XII Remake Teased


Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake, and everything is super awesome and nifty and you can just shut the hell up because there’s a remake of a better, more fantastic game coming now. Or so we hope.

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves FF7, but have you gone back to play it recently? There’s so much grinding for the materia, the main character is batshit out of his mind, and the myriad spinoffs have turned the villain into a pretty boy with mommy issues while everyone fights over which storyline ruined things: Dirge of Cerberus, Advent Children, or Crisis Core. Everyone loves the games because of the rose-tinted glasses.

It’s like losing your virginity: it all seems great because it’s the first time you’re getting your fun parts played with, but in reality, it was messy, lasted too long in the wrong spots, too short in the right spots, and somebody probably cried.

So when I talk of a better game being remade, of course I’m discussing Final Fantasy XII. Composer Arnie Roth of Final Fantasy: Distant Worlds fame hinted that we would be receiving a remake of the twelfth game in this staggeringly large franchise. XII made a number of departures from the tried-and-true formula, such as:

  • Returning to the setting of Final Fantasy Tactics and using the zodiac summons
  • Having an evolving story that regularly shifted the main focus of the game (much like Final Fantasy VI)
  • Using the license system for fully customizable characters from the very start of the game
  • A pseudo real-time battle system with tactics (called gambits) for your allies decided via conditional settings in menus. While disliked initially, the gambit system provided a great deal of depth to the combat, and similar systems have appeared in a number of current RPGs, such as the Dragon Age franchise.

Final Fantasy XII did have a remake with the International Edition, but it is currently the only Final Fantasy  game not available outside of the PS2 in some form or another. Between the PlayStation Store, Steam, Game Boy Advance and mobile remakes, every game has found a way to be replayed again. While Final Fantasy IX still needs some love, I think every fan can be excited with the hopefully true rumor that this majestic classic will be receiving a modern makeover as well.

I mean, I guess we can still be excited for VII, but everyone knows Balthier is the leading man. Here’s hoping for a real Final Fantasy XII remake.


About David A. Reeves

David is a 25 year old graduate with a BA in English, and he's wondering how all of this adult stuff crept up on him. He has a large love of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy, a lack of budget sense during Steam sales, and is involved in an abusive relationship with the MMO genre. Outside of gaming, David can be found reading books with swords and magic, suffering from writer's block on that story he said he'd write, enjoying a hookah or a beer with friends, and trying not to say anything inappropriate despite the overwhelming urge. He's an odd fellow.

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