Dark Souls 3 Gameplay Trailer Released


If I spent half the time doing work as I did trying to convince people that From Software makes the best RPG’s, I’d probably be living in my own cardboard box instead of having to share with a family of raccoons. My fanboy sense went into maximum overdrive these past few hours as I began preparing a small analysis. For every 10 people who die in horrific ways, one of us will be creaming their khakis.

I will say that the audio is a little imbalanced in this video and the narrator is hard to hear, but in any case, it’s quite obvious the theme of cycles and rebirth is evident.

“The fire fades, and the lords have come to [pass(?)]”.

Perhaps the age of man is upon us!

Vaati provides an explanation here from a presentation done by Miyazaki himself in regards to major boss battles and story elements, so I would check that out if I were you, but let’s get into the meat of things where I reflect on screenshots and you pretend to listen.



We’ve seen this kind of enemy density on the PS4 in Bloodborne already, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of few congregations present in Dark Souls 3. I would like to emphasize the congregation part. Given their attire, organized march, and generally pious aura, I would assume this holds heavier religious connotations, much the same as The Congregation in Dark Souls 2 and the church in Bloodborne.

Either way, I’m glad From Software is upping their scale for dynamic and chaotic scenes.


We see a reference to Demon’s Souls with this particular armour set, but what intrigues me more is the placing of a bonfire. I know there’s been some speculation, but to actually see it in action offers some unique questions and a flood of ambiguity.

Can we choose freely or are the locations locked? Are we supposedly limited in bonfires? I wonder if I can equip a stake as a weapon…


Stake as weapon… close enough!



The first of many things to wake up when I don’t want them to.



Did anyone notice this looks eerily similar to Smough’s armour?



Hahaha why?




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