Invisible, Inc Review: Cyberpunk Spy Espionage


Klei Entertainment is a consistent game developer that offers a unique art style with familiar gameplay. Recently, they are most known for their survival game Don’t Starve. However, they made massive headway with Mark of the Ninja and Shank prior to Don’t Starve‘s success. The company hasn’t really made a bad game, and Invisible Inc just adds to their success and ingenuity. Last time I had this much fun playing a tactical strategy RPG, I was playing XCOM Enemy Unkown.

Invisible, Inc has been compromised, and you must get your AI program known as Incognita to a power source to prevent data loss and termination. Hopefully Incognita can restore Invisible Inc‘s reputation.

II screen 2There is strictly no actual combat in the game, and I find that very admirable in any stealth game. When you have games like Assassin’s Creed and Dishonored, it is so much easier to run in and murder anyone. This is a game that requires you to be stealthy and go undetected. It isn’t a “well you could fight people but you won’t get the good ending.” The lack of combat gives a better sense of urgency because you will have to knock out enemies, but remember that they’lll wake up eventually and give you another enemy to avoid.

Knocking enemies out through stun guns and tranquilizer darts are a necessity, but they take time to recharge, so using them is a challenge. You will acquire various skills and augments to enhance your agents to make them the perfect spies. However, it will not be easy.

There are various kinds of missions. Some will have you gather intel on corporations to see where their base of operations are, then you will be able to use that information to infiltrate the building and steal stuff, then leave without a trace. The better you do in the mission, the more money you get. Some missions will have you steal items or documents, while others will have you break into a place so you can augment your spy with cybernetics.

During your missions, you’ll have assistance from Incognita. You will use her to hack safes, security cameras and various devices. As the missions get more difficult, Daemons start showing up, and hacking while a Daemon is active spells trouble for Incognita. Each type has a different effect, some will sap your power rendering your abilities with Incognita useless, or they will alert guards. Sometimes the risk is worth the rewards. Just be prepared to get screwed if you don’t prepare yourself.

Every mission you do consumes time. You have 72 hours before the final mission and it is unavoidable (unless your agents die). The final mission is a tough one, but if you managed your time wisely, you probably accrued two more agents, plenty of equipment, and gave a few of them cybernetic mods.

Much like Don’t Starve, the better you do in the campaign, you gain exp to unlock more characters. These other characters come with better abilities and equipment than the starting agents and they are worth your time. Invisible Inc is a fast paced spy espionage game every PC gamer should play. It is easily one of my favorite games on Steam and dare I say I love it more than Don’t Starve. Get this game. Seriously.

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