ESL To Begin Drug Testing Competitors


Recently, we touched on the issue of professional gamers using performance enhancing drugs, and wondered if there would ever be any kind of drug testing or policy to go with it. Well, following Semphis’ very public confession of his team using Adderall at a tournament,  it looks like the answer is a resounding “Yes.”

The Electronic Sports League has announced that it will begin drug testing its players, according to MotherboardIGN expanded on the issue, stating that the ESL had partnered with an unnamed organization to work on a fair anti-drug policy for its future competitions. Semphis and the other Cloud9 players who had confessed to taking Adderall will not be facing any kind of punishment due to the lack of a way to 100% prove that the team was using the substance.

No word has come out from other gaming organizations about this policy change. I originally had written that I expected a company like Riot to lead the charge with tests in the LCS, but only the ESL has come forward with a direct response on the matter of performance-enhancing drugs. As it was an ESL Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament that Semphis referred to in his original confession, it does make sense that the ESL would be the first to respond. The speed at which this policy has been announced and put into development is astonishing, and it shows how committed the ESL is to an environment of fair play among competitive gamers.

As someone who wrote on the issue previously, I am 100% in favor of this new policy, and I’m very interested to see if other large gaming organizations come forward with their own policies on drug testing. With the ESL to begin drug testing players, perhaps it will become an expected part of all large tournaments to pee in a cup before playing.

Armed Gamer will be following the issue as more develops.

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