The Bethesda E3 Press Conference Recap


For the first time ever Bethesda has their own stage at E3, and of course that means there’s a lot of hype. The press conference only lasted an hour, but I am left wanting more. Enough of that, though, let’s get to the Bethesda E3 Press Conference Recap!

So the pre-show and post-show was hosted by Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb. That was an incredibly pleasant surprise. It brought back some great memories. They teased a little bit of what we were going to see, but that’s not nearly as important as what was in the actual show.

So the BIG news from tonight was Fallout 4, but just like I had to, you are going to have to wait. I’m going to be addressing this in the order of the show.


Marty Stratton, Executive Producer from from iD Software to introduce DOOM. One of the first things that struck me was how damn good the game looks. Most of the video we saw was gameplay footage (as confirmed in the post-show). It’s bloody and violent as hell, and we got to see many of the weapons including the chainsaw and a bit of the BFG. Honestly, the strongest fact of this presentation was that it was almost all gameplay. It hearkened back to the good ol’ days of classic DOOM.

The single player isn’t all we saw, though. We also witnessed a little of the arena combat of multiplayer. It’s that classic DOOM/Quake multiplayer system many of us miss. Sticking with Bethesda’s commitment to user-generated content is DOOM Snapmap. This is a way for anyone on any console to create their own levels and play-modes for either singleplayer campaigns or multiplayer. From the sounds of it, Bethesda is committed to making sure anyone can create whatever they want in the system and share it online. We can expect to see DOOM on the Xbox 1, PlayStation 4, and PC in Spring 2016.


I’m not going to spend too much time talking about this game. It was introduced by Lucas Davis, and they announced the closed beta for the game that we can sign up for at their website. Unfortunately the game looks, frankly, a little flat and stiff. We were shown more gameplay which is cool, but it did nothing for me. From the sounds of the audience, it did nothing for them either. We saw a little of a new faction as well.

Dishonored 2

Two developers from Arcane Studios walked onto stage to introduce Dishonored 2. The trailer looks fantastic. The first thing we learn? We can play as Emily. THE Emily from the first game has become an assassin. You can also play as Corvo again if you want. Both characters play differently with Emily having her own skill-set. The environment looks fantastic as well, almost like a Colonial Africa. You’ll be traversing the Empire of the Isles which is a series of 4 nation states, and just like the first game there will be plenty of steampunk goodness including a clockwork robot, judging from the trailer.

Just like the first game you can play without killing, which is always a nice touch. Unfortunately despite having two playable characters, you cannot play co-op. You also can choose which character’s story to play only at the beginning without swapping between characters in the middle of the game at all.

If you haven’t played the original Dishonored, they will be releasing the ‘Definitive Edition’ with all of the DLC in August. Dishonored 2, meanwhile, will release for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 in Spring, 2016.

Elder Scrolls Online

We didn’t get to see too much of this. There was the gameplay trailer which confirmed Orisinium, the Land of the Orcs. We also saw a small teaser for The Dark Brotherhood. It looks pretty cool, but considering The Elder Scrolls Online just landed on consoles a few days ago, the announcements were really pretty sparse. Then again, this wasn’t the only Elder Scrolls property to be shown today.

Elder Scrolls Legends

After all these years, we are finally getting to see an Elder Scrolls… card game? Bethesda is trying to break into the mobile space, it seems, and nip at the heels of Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone‘s online strategy card game system. There isn’t much else there, just a cinematic trailer. We don’t know much else, but we’ll see what comes of it in the future. This was probably one of the bigger losers of the presentation. There wasn’t enough information to get anyone excited, and I really want to know why there was a cinematic trailer for a mobile trading card game. The audience certainly didn’t really respond to it either. Fortunately they didn’t spend too much time talking about Elder Scrolls Legends.

Fallout 4

(Fast forward the above video to 36:53 for the Fallout announcements) Not only was Fallout 4 all anyone wanted to hear about, it was, as Game Director Todd Howard admitted, the real reason why Bethesda had a press conference. They also revealed a whole lot of information about the game from cinematic trailers to tons of gameplay. Let’s just go ahead and start listing all of the incredibly cool information they shared on stage.

First we were treated to a little display of their concept art, and one image that really struck out to me was a redcoat/pirate ghoul. As a fan of pirates, that made me ridiculously excited. The game also starts before the bombs fall, allowing you to choose either a male or female with a whole new character creation engine. It looks really cool and intuitive. You also get to make both male and female characters at the same time to create a baby that… is presumbly killed a few minutes later once the bombs fall. Another interesting feature is the game and voice acting has been programmed with about 1,000 of the most common names so if you choose one of those names the characters will use it when talking to you.

The setting of the game, as we saw in the first big trailer, is Boston, 200 years after the bombs drop. That probably explains why the sky is much more blue and the colors are, for the most part, brighter. Despite the fears of many players, they have upgraded their engine with more dynamic lighting, and as I said earlier I think the game leans much more towards the stylized art design vs. a high fidelity one.

Gameplay-wise, you can play in either first or third person, and the dialogue will be “dynamic”. I’m not entirely sure what they mean by that except they said we can end the dialogue at any time and shoot someone if we want. Another big confirmation is Dogmeat a playable dog companion you can control to attack enemies or fetch items for you. All the commands are textual. Also making a stunning return is VATS. Allegedly there will be more features to the new Fallout 4 VATS system than in the previous games.

The Pip-Boy got an upgrade in this game. You’ll be able to do more with it, including playing minigames that seem to be throwbacks to classics like Missile Command and Donkey Kong. To make things even better, they made a real Pip-Boy.

THEY MADE A REAL PIP-BOY, PEOPLE! This has me more than unreasonably excited. Included with the collector’s edition (known as the [affiliate ad link ahead]Pip-Boy edition’) of the game will be a replica Pip-Boy you can wear on your wrist and plug your smartphone into. This will allow you to use the screen as a touch-screen. A Pip-Boy app will be available on Android and iOS so you can have a real, functional Pip-Boy at your beck-and-call. Predictably, the fans in the audience were very loud and happy about this announcement.

Crafting in Fallout 4 is going to be beyond detailed. You can create settlements that include homes, shops, and defenses against invaders. You can grow the settlements and customize them as you see fit. You can also make a variety of settlements and have caravans travel between them. Settlements are created by finding scraps and pieces throughout the game then crafting them together to create homes, generators, and more. We saw a lot of the gameplay, and it all looks very detailed. If that doesn’t seem your speed, don’t worry: It’s all completely optional.

While that’s crafting on a macro scale, on a more micro scale you can craft and customize their 50 weapons with around 700 individual modules.  The trailer and demo showed how a base weapon can change, and it all looks incredibly detailed. On top of customizing weapons, you will be able to customize and craft a layered armor system. This includes power armor so you can actually be Iron Man in the Fallout universe. Okay, maybe not actually Iron Man, but damn close!

Fallout 4 comes out THIS YEAR on November 10!

Fallout Shelter

While not nearly as exciting as Fallout 4 itself, Bethesda also announced Fallout Shelter, a mobile game for Android and iOS inspired by the game Progress Quest. You play as the overseer of a shelter and control everything from the shelter’s growth, to the inhabitants who all have unique names and stats, to the characters’ equipment. Your goal is to make your shelter as prosperous as possible while keeping your inhabitants productive and happy. You can send the characters out into the wasteland to get more loot, or have them stay at home to make more babies  for the shelter. You’ll need to defend, stop fires, and more. The entire thing is free to play with no waiting, no paywall, and yes, microtransactions. You can pay for more ‘lunchboxes’ that will have random items in them. Fallout Shelter is available right now on iOS and Android, and honestly… okay I know I was ragging on Bethesda for a mobile game earlier, but this one actually looks like it will be pretty cool. I’m looking forward to trying this one out.

So what do you think?

Are you guys excited for Bethesda’s announced lineup? What do you think was the real winner/loser of the conference? Let us know in the comments below!

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