Tales of Berseria Has a Chance to be Epic


As the resident JRPG fan here, and a huge fan of the Tales of franchise, I was ecstatic at the few tidbits of info that Namoco Bandai finally released about one of their upcoming projects: Tales of Berseria. While I’m not exactly feeling the name considering it doesn’t roll of the tongue all that easily, the few things that have been announced have me forgetting about the upcoming release of Tales of Zestiria and only thinking of the future.

Here’s what we know:

While Milla was the first female main protagonist for Tales of, she shared the spotlight with Jude in Tales of Xillia. Tales of Berseria will feature only a female protagonist named Velvet. Little is known about the character herself, however, her character design appears nothing short of badass, therefore I’m hoping she will retain a serious sense of composure.

The game is said to harbor a pirate theme. Does this mean Velvet is a pirate herself? No comment has been uttered, however, her appearance could channel pirates in a sense. However, I have a feeling Tales of fans will be speculating this for quite a while.

Finally, Tales of Berseria will not only be available for the standard PS3, it was also be releasing for PS4, making it the first Tales of game right now to get a next generation release. There is still some speculation as to whether Tales of Zestiria is actually getting a PS4 release as well, but there has yet to be any confirmation on that subject.

What I’d like to see in the game:

tales-of-berseria-06-06-15-7First, as usual, I’m hoping to see a Western release. Lucky for Tales of fans over here, Namco Bandai has been wonderful at bringing over Tales of games in recent years, particularly on the PS3. So I highly doubt we won’t be seeing a Western release of Tales of Berseria.

I’d also like to see the Tales of games to continue their lack of heavy romance in the storylines as of late. It’s not as if romance is a bad thing, but if they truly want to do an epic female main protagonist correctly, I feel as if they should not dumb it down by making her some lovesick girl. Due to her character design, and her serious look, I’d like her to be more strong and independent. Granted, if they want to allow romance to be a side story, then by all means. I’d just rather not see it be the driving factor for her. One of the wonderful things about Tales of Xillia 2 was the brother and sister dynamic instead of the typical romance plot.

Another thing I’m hoping to see in Tales of in general is the revival of the classic use of Summon Spirits. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve been thoroughly disappointed since they’ve changed the use of them from they way they were in previous titles such as Tales of Eternia (Destiny II) and Tales of Symphonia. Some of the games even lacked them completely. And while you could “use” them in Tales of Xillia, it was certainly a far cry from what it used to be.

Truthfully, with so little to go by, Tales of fans will have plenty of time to speculate over what the game will consist of. But if one simple shot of a female main can get me this excited, I have high hopes. In the meantime I will eagerly await for Tales of Zestiria to finally drop so I can get my Tales of fix, while I continuously keep a watchful eye out for any more Berseria news.

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