New Fallout: Please Stand By


Gamers today felt their hearts jump in anticipation as the familiar Fallout “Please Stand By” phrase leaped to Twitter and Facebook via hashtag and a shared pictures on social media. Those who go to the official site of the game are met by a clock slowly ticking away and a 24 hour countdown.

Things seem to be building for the Fallout franchise, and big news has been expected ever since it was announced that Bethesda Softworks would have their own stage at the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3, aka that big thing we look forward to every year). This is the first time Bethesda will stand beside industry titans like Sony and Microsoft for gaming’s biggest event of the year, and of course, everyone’s natural assumption was that we’d see a new Fallout title announced.

While there have been multiple hoaxes over the past year, such as TheSurvivor2299.com being a fake teaser and the previous fake trademarking of Fallout: Shadow of Boston. However, with their big boy stage at E3, the official site countdown, and the social media buzz on all of Bethesda’s official channels, everything seems to be coming up to one possible conclusion: we’re heading back to our favorite nuclear apocalypse. This is the closest thing we’ve had to an official confirmation on the next game, and everything looks like it is coming up radioactive.

Leave your comments below. In the meantime, please stand by.


UPDATE: As more and more people analyze the webpage, a few things have popped up that have merit:

“Fallout 4” appears in the source code of the page, though just as a redirect now. There’s also data linking to old Fallout 3 DLC, so while this is promising, it is not conclusive.

“PA system failure has occured. Shutdown of the Masterbrain has been authorized and all sensitive materials have been removed for security purposes. Please attempt re-access. Have a pleasant day.” This comes up through some linking of the page to other sites, as well as through developer tools.

Insitute.js appears in page scripts. This has led to speculation that game will take place in Boston, as rumored before the “Shadow of Boston” hoax, dealing with the institute (MIT in the Fallout Universe).

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