Interloper Review


Interloper is an interesting puzzle strategy game. I like the originality, and I can even appreciate it, even if I wasn’t the biggest of fans, or really looking forward to the game. I am glad I got to play Interloper because it does actually show a genuine attempt to do something different despite being relatively low budget and simple in presentation.

You pilot a small ship to cover the map in your color, and you must do this before your enemy does. There are obstacles in the way that will make it more difficult for you to complete your goal. Campaign offers a more concise way to play that is controlled, while multiplayer gives you more of a challenge by playing against other players.

Gameplay is simple, but it gets more challenging on bigger maps. There’s a surprising amount of gameplay to manage when playing. Learning your hot-keys and reacting quickly are a must. Matches are simple, cover the map with your color. There are drone you will use as soldiers to destroy enemy drones and prevent your opponent from progressing further. Maps will have factories that make said drones. They must be in your owned territory and powered by generators, also found in your territory.

That’s the basis of the game. You can select multiple drones so it can take longer for the enemy to destroy them, but sometimes I would not recommend this because it takes quite a while to generate them. There’s a lot of strategy that goes into PvP, it all depends on the priorities of your enemy and your ability to predict where they will be traveling.

The controls are a bit difficult to learn and the curve is pretty steep. I initially had trouble playing but after some campaign levels I was able to get the hang of it. Patience is important. The game doesn’t have much going for it in terms of single-player replay value. A lot of the fun comes from multi-player if that is your thing.

While the game isn’t bad, I found it challenging to really keep playing. It is rather repetitive and some levels seem to drag on. However, I applaud the developers for creating a unique gaming experience. The art is certainly different, but it is nothing flashy, and that may be a part of Interloper‘s charm. You can easily wait for a price drop or a sale to add it to your Steam collection.

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