Exclusive First Look: Starfighter Inc. Gameplay Footage – UPDATED


UPDATE: They were holding out and released more alpha footage! We have a new video above to reflect that and discuss the MUCH more awesome footage. In short, it looks like they want to make a game that focuses purely on dogfighting in space in a combat system that much more closely resembles the World Of franchise. Make sure you check out the video above and tell us what you think!

Space dogfighting games are rather in vogue right now. We have Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, the CCP release EVE: Valkyrie demo, and of course the recently re-released X-Wing and TIE Fighter games from the late 90’s. A new name has entered the field, this time with the creative mind behind a classic on the team.

Starfighter Inc. is a Kickstarter project in its final stretch. The developer, Impeller Studios, is led by none other than David Wessman: one of the designers behind the classic X-Wing and TIE Fighter series. It seems enough fans kept asking for more that he caved, and thus this project was born. Just take a look at that project’s pitch below.

Yeah, how cool does that look? Noticeably missing from the pitch is actual gameplay footage. Well, I am super happy to say we at Armed Gamer were given an exclusive sneak peak into the pre-alpha gameplay. It’s pretty short (a minute long), but check out the video I posted for a little bit of analysis by me.

I can say right now just from that pre-alpha footage, the game is already looking gorgeous. I love the neon blue design of the HUD, and even though the footage only really displayed the taking off process, it managed to capture the feeling of the awesomeness of space in my mind.

That being said, this is a Kickstarter project and all disclaimers should be in place: even if backed, there’s no hard guarantee we will see a full release, or when we will see the full release. Buyer beware and all that.

If, however, you really do want to see this game made, make sure you contribute to their Kickstarter campaign soon. There are only 4 days left to go in the project, and they need just over $75,000 in order to completely reach their $250,000 goal. I will let the gameplay footage speak for itself and make no recommendation one way or another except to say I really, REALLY like the industry’s focus on space flight again.

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