E3 PC Conference: Planet Coaster


During E3’s PC Gaming conference, we were treated to a remarkably fun little trailer that might have reminded us all of a certain theme park builder.

But what we’re seeing isn’t a remake of the series, nor is it a new installment. Instead, David Braben, CEO of Frontier Developments, plans to bring us Planet Coaster. 

“Tycoon games and coaster park simulations in particular are as much part of Frontier’s DNA as space games,” Frontier Chief Creative Officer Jonny Watts said. “Planet Coaster brings our sky-high production values and cutting-edge tech to bear on the Tycoon genre we so love, and we are looking forward to engaging with another passionate community of players as we develop Planet Coaster.”

Announced back in January under the name Coaster Park Tycoon, Planet Coaster will include many of the same features we remember from Atari’s wildly popular simulation game. Frontier plans to give players total creative freedom in creating the theme park of their dreams, and anyone who loves to toy with the physics of building a gravity-defying (and/or hazardous) coaster might want to give this one a try. We haven’t seen a new theme park builder in awhile, and hopefully, Planet Coaster will bring something new to the table.

And no, they haven’t yet said whether or not you can use guests as bowling pins. Calm down over there.

Planet Coaster will be available in 2016, and is currently up for preorder.

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