Blizzard Announces Tavern Brawl


Hearthstone fans were treated to a new game mode last morning called “Tavern Brawl” – an otherwise clever guise to their official random mode, albeit not entirely random.

First off, to even play, you’re going to need a level 20 hero, but once you’re in, Blizzard proposes endless gameplay opportunities that change every week including the possibility of preset decks, crafting decks with guidelines, and unique buffs that alter the way you play. In their words:

“…the only thing you should expect is the unexpected!”

You can challenge your friends or butt heads with a stranger come mid-June, but given any new alteration, there comes the turbulence of unbalanced modes, gameplay, and general quality assurance.  We’ll keep our wits about us, and I’m sure the Hearthstone community will have their say upon release, but at any rate, just keep the major updates coming, Blizzard!

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