Arkham Knight Is As Smooth As Week Old Concrete



Have you ever seen someone try to pour old concrete? That’s what playing Arkham Knight currently looks like in some places. Twitter has exploded with complaints.

The game came out at midnight last night, but already the complaints are pouring in on the performance front. Rocksteady has stated in a WB community post that they hear everyone and will be addressing the issues, but the first fix isn’t making anyone all that happy, considering it was given an 11th hour updated set of system requirements on store pages. For those of you not running our rigs on the blood of infants and the tears of the infirm (I am, for the interests of full disclosure), the new requirements will be basically impossible to meet for anything less than a year or two old.

The community post did allude to the fact that they had a “development partner” for PC, AKA outsourced development. I thought people learned after the Colonial Marines debacle. It seems they did not.

I picked it up as a pre-order, and though it certainly has held my interest (it’s awesome), the graphics stuttering has made me want to call the Batmobile to run over my head to take the headaches down a notch. It’s eye twitch-inducingly bad. The lock can be removed in the configuration ini with a simple edit, but you shouldn’t have to do that to get the game to run at a native 60 FPS. We’re not savages, after all. 60 FPS isn’t some kind of mythical unicorn frame rate that no one has ever seen in the wild.

This is a persistent issue, these poorly optimized PC ports. Companies just don’t let their studios take the time necessary to push out a performance update before the game goes gold, and it’s usually PC users that suffer for it. Of course, we have the best recourse as well, so it’s not the worst thing in the world. It’s just lazy and greedy, which is par for the course in an industry where companies hire and fire people at project beginning and end without much thought for their livelihood.

Otherwise, I’m enjoying the hell out of it. Pick it up, but make sure you patch the config ini yourself beforehand unless you want to develop your own split personality that makes his life goal the destruction of FPS locks in major triple A titles.

As a further note, no review copies for PC were provided prior to launch. I hate to jump on the conspiracy bandwagon, but maybe there was a reason beyond not prioritizing PC players, like they knew the build was shit in terms of optimization.

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