Standpoint Sale Reveals Financial Problems


When Reddit user SuperMoonky posted to /r/games about the game Standpoint being on sale at IndieGameStand, one reply was very different than the rest.

The Standpoint sale reveals financial problems between the developers, Unruly Attractions, and their publisher, BulkyPix. According to Vethan, a member of the development staff, the developers have seen zero money from the game release. Vethan also exclaimed that this was a fear of the developers, who believed BulkyPix may put Standpoint in a cheap bundle as retaliation for the “legal disagreement” between the two parties. The game, which normally sells for $12.99, instead can be purchased for $1 through IndieGameStand.

“Oh my god…. We didn’t authorise this! We weren’t informed of this… This is my worst nightmare… We’ve been having a legal disagreement with our publisher and were petrified they would do something like this. We’ve seen no money from the game since release (as in they haven’t paid us our cut) and now they’re putting it in a bundle when we complained… This is the worst thing to wake up to.”

Vethan wrote the above in his reddit post, displaying the many fears and worries in the world of game development. BulkyPix has since tweeted that they didn’t authorize the sale, nor did they seek to intentionally harm Unruly Attractions. Instead, the problem seemed to have to come from a miscommunication within Plug In Digital, who has since apologized in a series of tweets explaining that a lack of authorization is the source of Standpoint being placed on sale.

However, Vethan encourages anyone to purchase the game while they can.

Anyone who wants to buy a copy of the game in this sale: PLEASE DO! Your enjoyment is more important to me than our profits & our legal issues shouldn’t impact you guys.”

Frankly, this kind of player-focused attitude in the middle of this situation is something I tremendously respect, and it’s made me a fan of the developers.

Standpoint is a really interesting puzzle platformer, in the vein of games like Portal. By clicking a wall or ceiling, gravity on your character changes. As the game goes on, you’ll toggle switches, dodge murderous sections of the area you’re in, and build momentum to shatter fragile walls with a mighty fall. In the midst of all of this, you follow a regretful and mournful voice, learning more of her secrets as you continue through. It’s definitely a game worth a look.

Leave a comment down below, but what do you think about the situation? With indie game makers being screwed out of money through stories like this, what can smaller developers do to ensure these things don’t happen to them? In the meantime though, check out Standpoint. Will you fly or fall?

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