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Infinite Crisis is the latest MOBA featuring DC Comics characters, both villain and hero alike. The genre is getting pretty full with games that range from bad, to cancelled, though a few popular gems occasionally stand out. Sadly, Infinite Crisis isn’t very popular, though it is gaining some speed. I have been playing since Closed Beta and the game has come a long way.

Taking place in the DC Multiverse, Infinite Crisis is a name that comic fans will recognize. Basically, this game takes the New 52 worlds and smashes them together. Aside from the tutorials, the lore is not very well portrayed in the game but you can read a 36 issue comic serial either in print or digitally if you’re interested.

There are over 40 characters in Infinite Crisis so far. Some are instantly recognizable as your favorite heroes like Batman and Superman, or even Joker and Lex Luthor for villains. But the developers have chosen to not make this game filled with mainstream characters. We have B or even C-list characters like Stargirl, Krypto, and Starro filling the ranks to offer a more varied roster. While long-time players complain every day about the lack of certain characters like Deathstroke, there are no “unconfirmed” characters. If they are in the DCU, they will eventually make it into the game.

A nice addition stemming from the lore is the alternate versions of characters. You see, there are 52 Earths all with different settings and heroes on them. Mecha Superman comes from a highly futuristic Earth where the heroes are all robots. Nightmare Batman is from a world where Batman is bitten by Dracula. The current alternate versions are Prime, Gaslight, Nightmare, Arcane, Atomic, and Mecha. There could be more down the line, but it’s a little too early to think about that kind of thing.

The character skins are also a hot topic of debate within the community, but personally, I find them alright. They are nothing flashy or even close to being on par with LoL’s skins. However, they fit for this game. While you would think comic lore related skins would be a must, they are actually few and far between. There is good reason, though I won’t go too much into it. DC Comics has to authorize everything, while the company directly owns characters like The Flash, giving him his Blue Lantern suit would require getting permission from the Flash’s current rights owner, the writer who created the Blue Lantern Flash character etc. It is a licensing issue. This doesn’t mean the game is void of having their own stream of inside jokes for comic lovers. Gaslight Catwoman, Batman, Joker all have lore related skins to when Batman was a pirate, or Killing Joker (for Joker).

Infinite Crisis has your basic infrastructure for a Free-to-Play MOBA. You have two kinds of currency – the first you can earn from daily logins, completing achievements, and completing games. The second is a paid currency that you can spend on skins. Earning the free credits can be slow and some would like to say this game is unfair with giving you enough currency to buy characters. I beg to differ, as I find it more rewarding than other games like League or Smite. The game rewards you for playing often, but you have to work for it.

Gameplay wise, you are still not seeing much difference. You have the standard QWER skill set and you put points into your skills and passive ability as you level up. You earn credits to purchase items to make your character more powerful. Frag the enemy team, take their core, win the game. What makes the gameplay different is in how credits can be earned, and the map you play on.

Credits are earned from frags and destroying enemy drones (creeps in other games). If you fail to last hit the drone, they will drop credits you can pick up, or the enemy can step on and destroy them. The value is less if they are not destroyed by you, but you aren’t left facedown in the dirt if you are bad at farming creeps. Coast City is the map of choice, but there is also a 1v1 map, a king of the hill map, and a three lane map. Coast City, however, is the only one you can queue up for, the rest are custom.

Coast City is what makes this game unique while the three lane map made it seem like some bad attempt at capitalizing on the MOBA craze. Having one map with a low playerbase is essential for keeping queue times low, especially with ranked now being enabled. The meta for CC is this: two junglers, two bot, and one top. There are five objectives to keep track of. Three power relays that empower your drones and give you extra credits, and two boss creatures. The Raider gives you and the people that help you defeat it credits. The other is the Doomsday Device, a game changing weapon that when used, deals massive damage in an area, and used on towers will shut them down for a limited time.

As I said before, the game has come a long way, especially in terms of combat. The controls are responsive and easy to learn although there are some balancing issues. However, no game can truly be balanced in the MOBA genre.

At the time of writing this review, Ranked has been included into the game and my personal experiences have been mixed. Ranking up is very similar to Hearthstone’s ranked system. There are three tiers, Bronze, Silver, Gold. Each tier has a sub-group themed after characters in DC Comics (Suicide Squad, The Reach, Justice League etc). To advance, you must win a certain amount of games, be on a winning streak and you have to win less games to get to the next level.

The final product is still somewhat dodgey. It is hard for me to really give a definitive answer on this game because it certainly has come a long way, but in many ways, it still feels like it is in beta. Infinite Crisis doesn’t seem to be going in a paved direction in terms of game development. The roster is certainly on point, and new characters are released faster than any other MOBA. Coast City is a great map for new and veteran MOBA players. But the controls and balancing with assassins and tanks make the game challenging to play.

If you love DC Comics and MOBAs, certainly get this game. If you are sick of DOTA 2 or LoL and want to try something slightly different but familiar, give Infinite Crisis a chance. It’s rough around the edges, but the game can only get better with more players and more input.

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