Team Fortress 2 Trader Scams Player Out of Nearly $5000


Over the course of about five months, Team Fortress 2 trader BlizzardSto_orm ruthlessly scammed multiple people using Paypal’s chargeback system – one of whom now faces $4,666 in charges.

“Michael Yang (an unverified, Non-U.S. account) essentially stole $120 from me and I am worried he will chargeback scam me again because I have thousands of dollars of transactions with him,” said Reddit user TheDataWhore in a Steamrep report against the scammer. ” He just recently chargedback $350 more, so I decided to submit my evidence and prove that he is a scammer (I am working on collecting evidence that the $350 chargeback was fraud too).”

The scammer exposed himself by posting a Reddit AMA titled, “17 year old boy who puts all his money into video games”, which prompted TheDataWhore to bring attention to Yang’s illegal activities. By waiting until the last possible second to file the chargeback, Yang was able to maintain a positive reputation for himself to avoid raising suspicion once those players lost both money and items in the transactions. According to several other users who responded to TheDataWhore’s report on the SteamRep forums, the scammer’s go-to explanation for the chargebacks (among several attempted cover stories) was that his credit card had been stolen.  Shortly after being confronted, Yang claimed that once he had the money from the bank, he’d return it to those he had scammed. After failing to communicate with his victims for over four months, it’s been made clear that Yang had absolutely no intention of doing so.

Fortunately, TheDataWhore’s Reddit post last week brought a significant amount of attention to the scammer’s activities.

” I spoke with him just now for the first time in 3 months. I believe that this thread made him understand the seriousness of the situation, and at the very least try to lessen the trouble he’s already in,” said TheDataWhore in an update to the aforementioned Reddit post. “At this point in a chargeback (3-4 months after he’s won the case with his CC), he would 100% have the money back in his account. When I asked him about that, he now says that HE is under investigation by his bank, and the police… and they won’t release the money. He says he’s not under investigation for scamming all of us, but instead because they think he might have shipped those physical goods that were ordered on the cards (when it was “stolen”) to his friends.”

TheDataWhore is currently in the process of pressing charges due to the scammer’s inconsistent stories and lack of reliable information regarding the stolen money. Yang’s final claim was that his father would loan him the money necessary to repay the chargeback amount, although this could be another attempt to avoid taking responsibility. It’s unknown as to whether or not other victims of the chargeback scam will be pressing charges as well, although TheDataWhore estimates the total amount of stolen money is in the $30,000 – $40,000 range.

As the situation has not yet been fully resolved, updates will be added accordingly.



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