New Fire Emblem 3DS: Two Different Versions?


Well, it seems that one of my favorite games has taken a page out of Pokemon’s book. I woke up to a message on my Facebook about Fire Emblem if being two different games in Japan, and I thought that it was a delayed April Fools joke, but it doesn’t seem to be the case. The new Fire Emblem 3DS is going the multistory route with multiple versions to accompany it.

According to Kotaku, Game Informer, and Siliconera, the newest installment of the Fire Emblem series is definitely going to be in two different parts in Japan. The game is split into two stories, following your custom avatar as the main character, and bringing the avatar system to its third consecutive game in the series. Players can choose to side with the kingdom of Hoshido for an experience noted to be more accessible and similar to the Fire Emblem games we know and love, or the player can side with the kingdom of Nohr for the more difficult experience. Siliconera stated that Nohr’s story is more complex, and that the game will require the player to “revolutionize an unruly kingdom from the inside”.

Siliconera notes that the game’s two versions will be Black Kingdom and White Kingdom, but this isn’t where the shenanigans stop. Along with the two-story nature of the game, Kotaku states that if is coming in not just two stories, but multiple different versions:

  • Two hard copy versions of the game, where you side with the appropriate country based on which game you bought, and you can purchase the other path as reduced price DLC.
  • A digital version that lets you choose which country you side with, then locking your game into that choice until you purchase the other story as reduced price DLC.
  • A special edition, with both main stories and a third additional story in one bundle along with special edition things.

More details have come up about the game, with White Kingdom‘s Hoshido story allowing for more experience gains outside of the main scenario, leading many to assume this will have grinding via random encounters like previous games, while Black Kingdom‘s Nohr story will have limited experience points and gold like most of the series. And yes, you read correctly: there’s a third story to this game as its own separate DLC, and…well, honestly my head is starting to hurt from all of this.

I love Fire Emblem. It’s my favorite game series, as noted in that little “about the author” thing we have at the bottom of these articles. I am completely excited about the two stories, because this is essentially getting two games at the same. It DOES seem a bit over-complicated to me on how they’re releasing it, but each story is supposed to have as much content as the previous game, Fire Emblem Awakening. We’re getting content, and that’s what is important here! Someone point me to an import site!

Jaspanese Box Art via Kotaku

Japanese Box Art via Kotaku

Both versions of Fire Emblem if is releasing in Japan on June 25th, along with the third DLC story, with a 2016 release date projected for North America. Nintendo of America has made no annoucement as to whether the North American release will have separate versions, including a different logo as noted in the previous Game Informer link (but here it is again).

Let’s just watch that sweet-ass trailer and rejoice that we’re getting two Fire Emblem stories soon enough! Leave your comments below if you’re excited!

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