Isaac: Rebirth Expansion Aiming for Summer


Don’t wipe away your tears just yet, because we’re still not done with the basement. According to Edmund McMillen’s twitter, the new expansion for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is coming our way mid/late summer with 100+ new items. Currently known just as “After Birth,” due to the post title where it was announced, the expansion looks to add a number of new features to the core game.

One of the biggest draws is the player-suggested items from an official reddit thread. Lots of suggestions are for synergies and transformations, but I think my favorite suggestion is from the “Mulligan/Infestation/Mom’sWig effect but with little poops… Just let me spawn little poops” comment, and this fecal equipment has the upvotes to possibly make it into the game. In addition to these publicly-suggested items, there’s new challenges to go through, a new character, endings, enemies…, really, the Isaac: Rebirth expansion looks like it will be a massive addition to everything the core game possessed, including a new game mode.

With hardcore players having 100% completion in less than three weeks, the new expansion will hopefully take just as long to explore all the new content and synergies. Mom and Mega Satan won’t know what hit them.

To celebrate, let’s throw out a video of a WR run using Eden, the game’s wild card character. If you’re excited about The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth‘s new expansion, let us know in the comments!



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