New Bloodborne Trailer Released


Making the rounds of the internet lately is the new Bloodborne trailer. Can I say that I’m excited? Cause I’m excited. In this new story trailer, we get to hear a bit more about the setting of Yharnam, how this old city has been overrun by beasts, and some cryptic remarks about the importance of blood. Which, given the title of the game, makes sense I suppose. Take a look:

Bloodborne is the new IP by From Software, for the uninformed, and looks to play similarly to the Demon/Dark Souls series. Moving from a medieval setting to a more Victorian locale, the game still keeps the gothic and horror elements of From Software’s previous hits, allowing for new tactics such as firearms in lieu of a shield. Unlike the Souls games where you can rely on thick armor and shields, Bloodborne has a more offensive feel to it as befitting a “Hunter.” Melee weapons will have alternate states, like the cleaver at 1:54 being attached to become a polearm, and the heath regain system will allow some healing through striking at your attackers. Sidestepping to the side and just shooting an enemy in the face is going to be a wonderful feeling after the rolling away and back-jumping of Dark Souls.

While I am a bit disappointed that Bloodborne will be a PS4 exclusive due to its partnership with Sony, I think it’s going to be an amazing game; I may end up buying a PS4 earlier than I anticipated for this one. If you thought the Souls games were a bit to vague on the story or intimidating in their “hardcore gamer” reputations, perhaps this is the game to lure you into From Software’s wonderful horror environments.

Bloodborne will arrive for PlayStation 4 exclusively on March 24, 2015.

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