Massively Kickstarter Launched After Closure


We’ve previously reported on this, but when the decade-old Joystiq was shut down by AOL, this of course meant that all of the other sites that were a part of Joystiq were gone as well. Such was the case for Massively, but true to their word, they’ve taken their story to Kickstarter to seek crowdfunding to go independent. As of February 8, they’ve already reached the $50,000 goal they’d set for themselves with 26 days to go.

While Joystiq has always been the big, general news page, Massively was launched in November of 2007 to cover the MMORPG genre. With established games like World of Warcraft in it’s first expansion, Final Fantasy XI still maintaining a presence, and newcomers like The Lord of the Rings Online, Massively’s 2007 creation provided a place for MMO gamers to find their news and content while allowing Joystiq a niche it wouldn’t need to cover. Massively also looked at MMOs as a whole rather than specialized one-game information like WoW Insider, another Joystiq blog we no longer have.

Rebranding themselves as Massively Overpowered, the team notes the Massively Kickstarter will only be the beginning of their efforts to revitalize their product and continue doing what they love. Patreon and ad sales are also mentioned as ways Massively Overpowered will be supported, but with their goal reached, a 75k stretch goal is noted for a convention coverage budget to send their writers to major 2015 cons, something everyone loves to cover.

It’s an amazing thing to see the outpouring of support by the fans. You can check out Massively Overpowered’s new domain at http://massivelyop.net/. “Your favorite massively multiplayer RPG editorial team returns this month and our community will live again!” is the joyful message that awaits you until the full site returns, but it is always great to see games journalism thriving and these names continuing to do what they love.

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