Bungie Hires Destiny Loremaster: Former Guild Wars 2 Writer


It’s been said before, and it will be said many times: one of Destiny‘s biggest flaws is its lack of lore. Okay, there are definitely other problems still, but it seems Bungie is at least trying to make things better judging by the new Destiny loremaster John Ryan.

John Ryan, a former writer for Guild Wars 2 confirmed his new position on Twitter earlier today. What this exactly means is uncertain. It could mean we’ll be seeing a much more coherent and easily acceptable plot in the future, but exactly how that will be presented is uncertain.

At present the lore in Destiny is presented in “Grimoire cards” you collect in game then can read online or through the Destiny app. It is incredibly possible John Ryan may have been hired to write more Grimoire cards and keep all the others in order. If that’s the case, however, that would be a massive waste of talent as the Grimoire cards were an awful idea to begin with.

That being said, Bungie seems to be trying to do right by its fans. They are also looking for a lead writer and narrative designer, which hopefully means we’ll be seeing better from the future expansions. Hell, I wouldn’t say no to some new voice casting either as Dinklebot really continues to leave me flat. Destiny may have disappointed some, but it’s good to know Bungie is still actively trying to improve the game.

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