Bethesda E3 Conference Announced


In what can only be described as a surprise for many of us, the announcement broke that there would be a Bethesda E3 conference this year. This is a first for the company who up until this year never hosted a “showcase” in the way of Ubisoft or EA. The conference will also apparently be opened to select members of the public, and Bethesda has promised to announce how we can register for the conference in the future.

What will we see at the conference? We don’t know, and that’s the frustrating part. The past few years have been rough for Fallout fans considering fake trademark applications and fake websites. We can only hope we’ll see something about Fallout 4 there, but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much yet. There’s every chance we’ll only be seeing more about The Elder Scrolls Online instead. Unfortunately, we won’t really know until it’s much closer to the event, and even then we won’t know specifics until June 14.

After all these hoaxes, Bethesda: Don’t go breakin’ my heart.

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