This Theoretical Mario Timeline Blew My Mind


Do the Super Mario games have a timeline? One YouTuber seems to think so, and based on this pretty comprehensive Mario timeline video. I might just be convinced.

Unlike The Legend of Zelda series, an official timeline has never been released. Does Super Mario Bros. occur chronologically before 2, 3, or even Galaxy? Where does Baby Mario fit into this?  YouTuber Scorpigator has a good idea (or at least some interesting theories) of how all the Mario Games fit. For example, there were so many coins in the games that perhaps Mario bought his own franchises in soccer, baseball, racing, etc.

It’s absolutely a cool idea, even if it isn’t strictly canon. It’s a well-researched and thought-out video, and a really cool thought. If you’re curious, here is the proposed chronological order that also includes the Donkey Kong games:

  1. Yoshi’s Island,
  2. Yoshi’s New Island,
  3. Yoshi’s Island DS,
  4. Yoshi’s Story,
  5. Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time,
  6. Wrecking Crew,
  7. Donkey Kong,
  8. Donkey Kong Junior,
  9. Donkey Kong 3,
  10. DKC Series,
  11. Mario Bros.,
  12. Super Mario Bros.,
  13. Super Mario Bros. 2,
  14. Super Mario 3D Land,
  15. Super Mario Bros. 3,
  16. Super Mario RPG,
  17. Luigi’s Mansion,
  18. Super Mario World,
  19. Super Mario Sunshine,
  20. Super Mario Galaxy,
  21. Paper Mario Series and Dr. Mario,
  22. Super Mario Galaxy 2,
  23. Super Mario 3D World,
  24. Super Mario 64,
  25. New Super Mario Bros.,
  26. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga,
  27. Mario Kart DS,
  28. Luigi’s Mansion: Darkmoon,
  29. New Super Mario Bros Wii,
  30. New Super Mario Bros. U,
  31. Mario and Luigi: Partners in Time,
  32. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story,
  33. Super Princess Peach,
  34. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team,
  35. New Super Mario Bros. 2,
  36. Mario Party,
  37. All the other Mario sports titles,
  38. Mario vs Donkey Kong,
  39. Super Mario Land,
  40. Super Mario Land 2,
  41. Wario Land

I can’t help but admire the dedication involved in coming up with this list and this theory! My only complaint is that I’m not entirely sure they took into account the fact that Super Mario Bros. 2 was all a dream. Make sure you check out the YouTuber and subcribe to his channel!

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