It’s Official: Joystiq Closing


“This week, we learned our AOL overlords have decided that they no longer wish to be in the enthusiast blog business and are shutting all of them down. This mass-sunset includes decade-old gaming journalism icon Joystiq, and therefore, it includes us,” read the official announcement from Brianna Royce on Massively. After some rumor and speculation, ¬†official word broke earlier today over the closure of both Joystiq and Massively.

The truth is, the blogs aren’t necessarily “closing,” but rather being folded into Engadget. Still, many of the writers are out of a job, and we will see where they are placed. I wish them the best of luck.

On Tuesday the hashtags #SaveMassively and #SaveJoystiq trended on Twitter. A petition also spawned in support of the sites, yet sadly it only attracted 159 supporters. Tycho Brahe from Penny Arcade wrote a blog post that perhaps sums up the community’s feelings towards the folding quite well. It also helps put into perspective the current media climate. Give it a read. Sadly, community opinion doesn’t seem to matter, nor does the growth or popularity of the sites. Sadly, this is a decision made by AOL, and I don’t believe there is much of a chance of reversing it.

What is next? Some writers will certainly relocate, but according to Massively, “we are considering striking out as a team on a site that isn’t beholden to indifferent corporate overlords. Those of you who are begging us to crowdfund might get a chance to put your money where your mouths are and help shape that idea. We’ll be releasing more information over the next few weeks as we formulate our plans and will be using our social media feeds to communicate when we’re ready. If we go forward, we hope you’ll join us.” I absolutely look forward to seeing whatever comes next, and I hope it is a huge success for all of them. With Joystiq closing among other blogs, we need the void for honest large press to be filled!

Publication is set to end this coming Tuesday, so we have only a few days left of fresh news from the outlets.

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