New Any% Ocarina of Time Record Set


If you didn’t already know, there is a very active group of speed runners out there. They’re always looking for new ways to get an edge in and beat a game. Apparently gamers are still finding new ways to shave seconds off games like The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Most recently, one streamer Jodenstone shaved off three seconds from the previous world record, clocking his run in at 18:07. Mind you, this is a game that probably took me 30 hours to beat the first time, AND I had to use a guy for that god-awful water temple. Damn you, Miyamoto!

Anyway, there are some really interesting tricks Jodenstone used in his run, including using a Chinese version of the game due to its shorter text (though that’s traded off with a longer time in the pause menu). I don’t entirely know all the tricks used, however Reddit user BoatsandJoes posted an amazing rundown of the tricks, so to give him credit please go to Reddit and check out his fantastic comments. Copied below are a few excerpts of some of the more interesting tricks.

4:00 – From the moment Joden walks into the woods, he’s lining up to do the escape trick. At 4:28 he has to finish lining up for it manually, but if he jump slashes the corner at the perfect angle he can go through a 1 pixel gap and leave the forest without the silver scale. There are several ways to escape the forest but this is the fastest (however, since you have to line it up manually it’s called the YOLO forest escape). The previous world record holder used a slower but more reliable way to line up the jump slash.

4:33 – Collecting rupees for the deku shield. At 4:52[8] he lines up to get out of the river at the correct point, then side jumps back in for a red rupee.

5:12 – Lining up for another trick: the Water Extended Super Slide (WESS). A jump slash has to knock Link into and then out of water while Joden very slightly holds down-left or down-right on the joystick (thanks to/u/DominatedConvergence[10] for the explanation). This makes the trip to Kakariko much faster because not only is the slide fast, it also skips an owl conversation. Joden messes this up once, losing one second or so.

The full comments can be found here. You can watch the whole speedrun above. Congrats to Jodenstone for the awesome run and for breaking a world record!

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