MAGFest Day 3 Recap: The End is Near!


Technically this isn’t the last day of MAGFest, but we all know when a sentence begins with “technically,” it can pretty much be written off. MAGFest officially ends tomorrow, but today is the last day of real activity, so I am going to enjoy it as much as possible. Make sure you read our recap of Day 1 and Day 2 to see how we’ve been enjoying the convention so far. As with yesterday, I will be updating this post as well as our official Twitter Account throughout the day!

MAGFest Sunday morning is pretty much dead. You either see people who hadn’t slept yet and are on their last legs, or people who just woke up but are probably still hungover. You can tell that Saturday night is the big party night for sure. The early morning panels were relatively empty. What sort of surprised me was the number of people who were already leaving the con, especially considering some of the panels happening later this evening.

Like just about every other con out there, you really want to bring your Nintendo 3DS. This is practically a gold mine for Spotpasses, and my number has already increased by several hundred. This weekend’s goal is to have a spotpass count of more than 1,000 miis. We’ll see how that works out. I’m currently sitting at 850.

Earlier today I conducted an interview with the Super Smash Opera group to talk about their performance, how they came up with the idea, etc. what I found really interesting was how some of them were sitting together last year lamenting the lack of opera events at MAGFest before they realized they were opera people and they could totally create the space for it. The community apparently absolutely loved the opera as well and at least a few offered their services to help in the future. Apparently the MAGFest community is super friendly like that. I will say that for a first live performance, the group did a fantastic job and their slowly-growing following is well deserved. Look for the interview coming soon.

Later today I’m going to go check out a few panels (possibly Yoga for Gamers because I’m curious) and try to get a few more interviews in. Make sure you check this page and our twitter account regularly for updates!

Update 11:00PM Monday: It’s official. MAGFest is stronger than my battery life. Aside from the Super Smash Opera interview, I got several with the indie developers, one with the DC Stunt Coalition, filmed a panel on creating for the web, filmed a pop-up concert or two, and got as much of the Extra Credits panel as I could. Sadly, I did not get to attend Yoga for Gamers, but that’s okay. I still had fun elsewhere.

There is only so much I can do with the number of batteries I have, and unfortunately in the Extra Credits panel my batteries finally kicked the bucket. The EC team has several policies, including inviting their friends up onto the stage (this year it was Dave a la Stanley Parable fame), and their other policy is to answer absolutely every question anyone in the audience has. Sadly, with the snow storm coming in the NorthEast, I couldn’t stay for the whole thing, so I opted to stay until my batteries completely kicked the bucket. The panel started at 8, I had to leave closer to 10 or 10:30. From there, it was a long, LONG drive home, which is why the blog didn’t get updated until just now.

I may be writing another post on MAGFest once I can get through the snow to the office and edit some photos and videos. We’re slowly uploading the filmed panels and interviews as well, so check our YouTube channel for those!

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