MAGFest Day 2 Recap: Much Fun To Be Had (Updated Again!)


So we already shared with you all our impressions of yesterday at the Music and Gaming Festival (MAGFest), and here we are keeping you up-to-date on our day 2 adventures! There will be cosplay, concerts, and another C-word to keep the alliteration going so let’s go with collectibles. Seriously, though, there is a lot to do here. It’s almost mind-blowing how much there is to do here. Make sure you’re checking out the blog regularly through the day to keep up-to-date with the events!

To kick off the day, I stopped by the Indie games showcase to see what the conversation ton had to offer. A lot of game developers were given the chance to make 10 minute pitches, and they ranged from interesting, to absurd, to absolutely hilarious. Expect some coverage soon of some of these excellent indie titles on display.

After the Indie showcase, I stopped by the cosplay battle. Cosplayers were given the opportunity to stand up on the stage and introduce themselves to the eager crowd before being entered in the brackets. My personal favorite was Groot. While we waited for the brackets to be filled, the DC Stunt Coalition entertained the crowd with their kicks, flips, and actual fights in cosplay. It was just a short display, and I think I may check out the full show later.

The cosplay battle had several close decisions, and unfortunately Groot (or rather baby Groot) didn’t make it past the first elimination round. Sadness. The cosplay battle came down to Baymax from Big Hero 6 vs. Dan from Street Fighter. In a stunning upset, Dan actually managed to win a tournament! It was probably due to his incredible sense of humor and his dedication to remaining true to the character on stage. Also, he had some pretty sweet dance moves.

I will try to get more photos up here as I can and possibly add an album to either here or Facebook, so keep an eye out. As always, follow the official Armed Gamer Twitter for up-to-date comments on the con! I’ll also be updating this throughout the day, so make sure you stop by and check it out. Soon I’ll be heading to the diversity panel, and later tonight there are some more sweet concerts. I’ll also probably schmooze a little with the indie developers because I’m really interested in one game where coins kill you, but spikes and dynamite don’t. Also, if you’re at MAGFest give me a Tweet and we can meet up! Peace!

Update 3:30pm: Like just about every panel I have seen with James Portnow (Extra Credits) in it, ‘That Diversity Panel’ lasted longer than projected, but I  super happy for that. The panel was incredibly interesting and had a wide range of panelists. I don’t want to talk too much about it since that can probably be an article on its own.

We are now breaking for lunch at Cadillac Ranch. I plan on checking out the DC Stunt Coalition, and getting some good interviews in. Look for them to come. I also may check out the claw machine tournament because hilarity.

Update 7:30PM: My double battery pack for my camera could not hold up to the awesomeness that is MAGFest.  Pretty much out of juice, but on the plus side I can run the camera on AA if need be. It is my last resort.

So one thing you need to know about MAGFest is that it is loud. Aside from the usual con noise of people talking, you have pop up music artists lining the hall. This ranges from chiptune artists to classical artists like Gamer Symphony Orchestra. They just show up, jam, then fade away. It is really cool, and really easy to get distracted. In fact as I type this, I am sitting across the way from a pop up chiptune artist.

The DC Stunt Coalition was pretty awesome. I have probably been spoiled by the stage fights at the Renaissance faires I have been to, so in regards to the fights themselves I wasn’t that impressed. The story, though, was entertaining and at times genuinely funny.

After the DC Stunt Coalition I attended a panel on o sure games and that was super interesting. The pa exist focused mostly on PC games that were completely ignored, but he made some really good points about preservation and finding new meaning in old games. He also spoke about enjoying these titles without making the community more insular, which honestly was a super good point. We don’t want to become hipsters.

Currently the plan is to go around and explore, possibly check out the indie game booths or the arcade area for fun until the DJ battles larer tonoght. You can probably expect at least one more update before the day is through.

Update Sunday 3:00AM: Let’s start off by saying that the indie section here at MAGFest is tiny. Like really, really small. There are probably about 15-20 or so indie developers here, and they share the area with console games and tournaments. That being said, there are some really interesting games here like Default Dan which attempts to turn the language of game design (as we know it) on its head and make metaphors we usually associate as friendly dangerous, and vice versa. I’m going to go out and get an interview with that developer tomorrow.

Speaking of interviews, I also fully intend on getting an interview with the people of the Super Smash Opera tomorrow to discuss why a gaming opera as well as other shenanigans about gaming and operas. To me, it’s a really novel combination, and I approve. Are there any questions you think I should ask? Let me know down below.

The big concerts for he night involved DJ battles, by which I mean it’s two DJs spinning chiptunes on the stage to an adoring crowd. I was able to check out DJ Cutman spin with DJ Grimecraft, and let me tell you: it was epic. The crowd absolutely loved it, and I had a great time listening and partying.

Immediately after DJ Cutman and DJ Grimecraft spun I raced to the Cards Against Humanity room and played a few hands before hitting up the arcade room and getting thoroughly destroyed in Soul Calibur 2 on the arcade machines. Seriously, I am fucking awful at this game on arcade machines. Give me a Gamecube controller any day.

So tomorrow’ plan currently consists of the previously mentioned interviews, possibly checking out the panes on the value of game critique as well as  the “Death of Gaming”, and there is also no way I am missing the Extra Credits panel, which I am sure is going to fill up fast. It is super popular, and I have a sneaking suspicion it will last for much longer than it is slotted for. That’s something I am going to get on line early for. Will I be able to do all this in one day? You can bet I will try! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap!

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