Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Speculation


A few wayward tweets and half-announcements sent the gaming world buzzing again with Kingdom Hearts 3 hype.

It’s been almost a decade since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2, and fans are eager to see where the story goes, lapping up other installments like Birth by Sleep and 358/2 Days, but those can satisfy fans for only so long. We want to know where Sora and his friends’ battles lead to, not just how they came to be.

Yesterday, we were given a bit of a tease for the upcoming release. Bill Farmer, Goofy’s voice actor in the previous games and the upcoming installment, took it to Twitter to make an “unofficial” announcement regarding the highly anticipated game. In his tweet, he mentions that Kingdom Hearts 3 is “supposed to come out later this year”, creating a whirlwind of speculation in the community. We’ve already had our share of seeing trailers and being promised it’s going to be completed “as quick as possible“. This just added anticipation.

Bill Farmer - KH3 Tweet


After the tweets went viral, even hitting trending status on sites like Facebook, Square Enix USA jumped in and released a more official update for the video game. Unfortunately, via their tweet, Kingdom Hearts 3 still “remains unannounced”. Even Bill Farmer deleted his previous tweets regarding the matter and updated his Twitter feed with one that mirrors Square’s.

Many years have gone by since we first started speculating the game was in production, and since the first announcement in 2013, fans have been grabbing every hint available for a release date. When will the rumors stop being dropped and we finally get our hands on a copy of Kingdom Hearts 3? It looks like we’ll have to keep waiting for the time being. While we do that, Square Enix will continue to feel the pressure of it’s high demand until it’s available for the public. For now, that Kingdom Hearts 3 release date appears ever-illusive.

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