How to Game and Still be a Top Notch Student


With my next semester looming ever closer, my gaming time (and general free time for that matter), is about to take a serious hit once again. In fact, I can partially thank school for making me take four months to beat one game. FOUR MONTHS! I was lucky to slip in an hour or two every few days. This got me thinking about college and my first time through balancing school work and my love for videogames. So here’s a simple list on how to game while still keeping your grades respectable in college.

1. You are the only one managing your time.

You’re an adult now, and more than likely living on your own. Even if you are still living at home, you probably have a shit ton more freedom than before. It’s going to up to you and only you. It’s doubtful your parents will make sure you are doing your work or going to class, and your professors certainly won’t breathe down your neck either. Unless you ask for help, you’re pretty much on your own.

2. You’re going to have to scale back your gaming time.

It sucks, but if you’re going to pass, you have to A) go to class, and B) do your work. Hell, even if you fail your tests, you can usually pass if you keep up with the work. There will be nights you are burnt out and rather chill with friends in your dorm playing videogames and guzzling some beer. But doing your work sometimes has to take priority now. Unlike high school where one can usually get away with slacking, this is not the norm for a college class. Some nights I’d much rather play a game instead of read my Biology textbook, but it always pays off going into my lecture having an idea what I’m about to learn.

3. Quick play games are key.

I love RPGs, but they are not very conducive for college students. As I said, it took me four months to complete the last one because I could only play a few hours a week. So if you want to get the most for your gameplay, invest in games that allow you to play for an hour or two and easily hop off. This pretty much ditches most RPGs. You won’t be tempted via the story to simply continue if you are playing short games. I played a lot of Mario during the semester because I could play a few levels to satiate my urge and then go back to studying.

4. Weekends are your best friend.

If you stay ahead of the game as I keep implying, you’ll more than likely have some time to not just play videogames but actually be social on the weekends. Keeping on top of your work all week opens the free time you will desperately be craving.

5. Cut out the videogames during mid terms and finals.

These are the most important tests during the semester. And it’s the only time I truly put the videogames down. Hell, I pretty much turned into a hermit. Everything took a back seat to my studying.

6. Winter/Spring/Summer Break Indulgence.

While you’ll probably nab some type of job while on break, its undeniable that you’ll have time for yourself. These breaks are the time to catch up on the games you’ve missed. Those longer games you’ve been itching to play can finally be focused on.

7. Be social.

College is an experience that not everyone gets to indulge in. It’s the first time you’re usually on your own in more ways than one. Studying should not be your life, and you certainly don’t want to hole up every night of the week playing videogames. College is a place to meet people from all types of backgrounds. It is a place you’ll discover many things about yourself. So be sure to get outside, breathe some fresh air, and get to know your fellow students, regardless if you’re living on campus, off campus, or even at home.

About Emily Horton

Emily is just your average twenty something girl who discovered her love for gaming at the age of three or four, all thanks to her older brothers. Mario, The Lion King, Aladdin, Zelda were her first loves, but Pokemon, Final Fantasy, Tales, and pretty much all Japanese games eventually fell into that category. She has an unhealthy obsession with Pikachu, hoodies, her 3DS, t-shirts, plushies, and purses. She may also fancy herself as an excellent lawyer due to number of times she has played through the Ace Attorney series. Outside of videogames, she is a Disney, Harry Potter, and Tolkien fanatic, while also recently discovering that she is now a hardcore fan of Supernatural thanks to Netflix allowing her to watch eight seasons rapid fire. She has elvish writing, the Deathly Hallows, a rather large Tinkerbelle and a large Yuna from Final Fantasy X all tattooed on her body, with only more geeky stuff to be added. Currently working on her own fantasy novel, she hopes to publish it eventually once all the kinks are worked out.

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