Fire Emblem returns on the 3DS


I’ve a confession: I haven’t been giving Nintendo that much attention recently. I don’t own a Wii U and my 3DS library consists of 2 games and a demo. So, while announcements like the Majora’s Mask remake, New 3DS system, and Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. raised my eyebrow, it was going to take something big to really get my attention. Then I saw this:

And my jaw dropped. Fire Emblem fans, rejoice, your series is coming for another round!

What do we know so far? Not much, as this was only a teaser, but there’s plenty of speculation that can be made. The working Japanese title of the game is “Fire Emblem If.” The art and graphical styles of this new installment are close to that of it’s predecessor, Fire Emblem Awakening on Nintendo 3DS, with touched up graphics (unlike Awakening, the battle models have feet now). The Dual System appears to be making a triumphant return, allowing two units to team up into one more powerful unit. The game has a more eastern feel than previous titles, as evidenced through the armor designs and weapon styles in the beginning of the trailer. The katana-wielding swordmaster is a staple of the series, but he looks much more at home here.

Developer Information Revealed
The new name attached to the project is Shin Kibayashi, an award winning manga writer in Japan, spurring excitement as to the new directions the story could go in this game. The impact of character choice is also hot topic of speculation among the fans. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata noted that the game would have “bigger choices” that would have a greater effect on the world. Is there an avatar character? Are there new classes? These questions can’t be answered yet, but they’re some that the fans are waiting for with eager ears.

What can be said for sure? With the dramatic opening to January’s Nintendo Direct, announced character Amiibo, and the possible 2015 release to this new installment in Japan, Fire Emblem has risen from it’s pre-Awakening slump and is ready to deliver a critical hit to 2015.

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