Apex 2015 Moved Due to Collapsed Rooms and Parking Deck


In a huge turn of events for the Apex tournament series, a new venue had to be booked last minute. The original location for the Apex 2015 tournament series was closed off earlier today by a fire marshal due to concerns over the building’s structural integrity.

Almost a week ago the Clarion in Secaucus, NJ suffered what was absolutely a setback when the 3-story parking deck partially collapsed, trapping several cars inside (and on top). The collapse was due to the snow from winter storm Juno that recently swept the Northeast United States. After the partial collapse of the parking deck, the Clarion still cleared their own building for use for the tournament.

The exact information of what happened today is still unclear, but here is what can be pieced together. At about 9AM EST, the fire alarm for the building went off. It appears this was due to someone hanging their towel on a fire sprinkler. Either way, this summoned a fire marshal who must have seen enough damage to immediately close off several rooms including at least one of the ballrooms. The fire marshal eventually put the entire tournament on hold.

After much scrambling and confusion, the event has been moved down to the Garden State Convention Center, about 40 minutes south of the original location. Attendees are scrambling to get new accommodations in the area, and Twitch has been helping with that. Allegedly (I cannot find anywhere to confirm) Twitch is working on obtaining a bus service to help people get from Secaucus to Somerville.

Apex 2015 is happening, however all competition has been delayed until tomorrow. The scheduling is being worked out still, so we will see what happens.

Nintendo sponsored the Apex 2015 series, and many were excited to get their hands on Nintendo’s new IP, Splatoon. We will see if Nintendo is able to move all of their equipment to the new convention center for tomorrow and how that will play out.

Today’s events aside, Apex is set to be the largest Super Smash Bros. tournament ever. It also hasn’t been without its controversies. Due to allegations made against him, the co-owner of Apex, Alex Strife had to step down from his position. Further, they let their official stream partner, Clash Tournaments, go due to a “confidentiality breach,” as was confirmed by their Twitter account. Instead, Team Spooky has apparently replaced them as the official streaming partners.

With Apex 2015 moved and all this insanity occurring before anyone has actually started playing, it will be a wonder to see what exactly will happen tomorrow. Either way, I will be there. This post will be updated throughout the day as new information comes in.

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