X-Wing Guy Responds in Armed Gamer Exclusive


“The X-Wing Guy” also known as Joseph Alfred came to our attention first in August of this year when we found out about his multi-million dollar Kickstarter plans that allegedly would result in “billions” of dollars for the Disney Corporation. The article was written by Whiskey Ginger and titled ‘Crazy Star Wars “Entrepreneur” Puts Out Press Release About A Multi-Billion Dollar X-Wing Kickstarter, Disney’s Rejection‘ which is a bit out a mouthful, but it’s hard to condense a story like that down to just a few words. Then, earlier this week we found out that Joseph Alfred is suing Disney over the rejection,which Whiskey Ginger reported in the December 1 article ‘Crazy Dude is Suing Disney to Let Him Build an X-Wing.’

After Mr. Alfred saw the most recent post, he immediately contacted me, asking for equal space on this site for comment/rebuttal, to which I agreed in the spirit of fairness with the understanding that Whiskey Ginger may write a followup article in response, and this could of course be a back-and-forth thing. I promised to publish his rebuttal in full without comment in the article by me, so without further delay, here is the full rebuttal by Joseph Alfred to the December 1 article.

Mr. Whiskey Ginger,
I am not Elon Musk. My name is Joseph Alfred. I do not hide behind pseudonyms taking pot shots at others ideas. You have made your opinion known. Why do you think others should actually take your opinion seriously? Are you a political scientist? What do you know about political symbolism? A fact that you conveniently left out was that the symbol represents Hope and Change, the very same principles of our current President who won the Presidency with 69,498,516 votes. He also won the Nobel Peace Prize, a global award. People still want to believe in this message. Do people want a solution to their daily commute? Yes, they do.
Are you an aviation engineer? What do you know about aerodynamics specifically VTOL load bearing with four engines? I do not pretend to be an expert in these subjects. I have asked the experts who have actually built these planes, and they have said, “Yes, it’s possible.” They were extremely excited by the idea from the start. They did not think I was crazy. They did not once question my motivations. What does that say about you? I am loyal to them, because I share their vision. I fight for them because they deserve our undivided attention. They deserve those two minutes of national air time because they have created a modern marvel.
When I generate funds for these two companies and invest in them. This will trigger taxable events. The air plane company will be taxed at a 35% federal tax rate. What’s 35% of $6.8 billion? $2.4 billion. That’s just from one company.
The attorneys for the Walt Disney Company made the same mistake in their Motion to Dismiss. There are two events: one on Jan. 12, 2015 and one in Dec. 2017. Jan. 12 showcases the vehicle and starts the campaign. In December 2017, is the actual VTOL event. This event is necessary for people to wrap their heads around flying and owning their own airplane. This is indeed a grand thought, but it is not impossible. It’s simply the next evolution of human transportation.
This technology is ancient. The Harrier was developed in the 1960s. It is time for civilians to have access to this technology so that we can better utilize our existing natural resources: the skies between cars and commercial airplanes.
A final thought. Who’s crazy Mr. Ginger? You wanted me to put actual lasers on my X-wings. We have enough problems in our country with gun control. We do not need to add lasers to the mix.
Joseph Alfred J.D.

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