Man Finds PS4 Console Replaced with Rocks


Denver resident Igor Baksht brought home a new Playstation 4 for his niece – only to find that the console had been replaced with rocks.

“Just to make sure everything was inside, that all the contents were inside, all the games were inside,” said Baksht. “When I opened it, I said, ‘Oh my God.’

Baksht mentioned that the WalMart employee who removed the game from its locked cabinets in the store informed him that the console had been previously owned. Although he’d had the foresight to open the box before wrapping it, Baksht had to wait until Saturday morning to attempt to make a return. Unfortunately, WalMart employees claimed nothing could be done, given that they had no proof that he hadn’t committed the crime himself. The employee who’d originally handled the box said that it had been a bit heavy, but apparently didn’t open the box to check on the product’s condition before releasing it to the customer.

After Baksht reported his story to 7News, the store manager called him to the store on Christmas Eve afternoon to bring the box to the store, where he received a full refund and a replacement console. No further information was given as to who had originally turned in the rocks, or why the store had failed to check the product before putting it up for sale. A spokesman for WalMart explained that they couldn’t confirm Baksht’s story, but “gave him the benefit of the doubt”, according to 7News Denver.

It’s a shitty consequence of pre-owned products, especially if the reseller fails to inspect the products after they’re turned in. As a general rule, it’s best not to purchase pre-owned products unless you know they’re coming from a trustworthy seller. This particular WalMart’s oversight was likely a result of faulty management, but mistakes like this happen more often than one might think. In 2012, a Nintendo 3DS was replaced with a box of rocks, while a number of Ipads in the last few years have had their boxes filled with notebooks or stacks of paper. One Redditor didn’t have his console stolen, but possibly damaged internally because the seller used actual popcorn to package the items instead of the standard packing pellets. Somewhere, someone thought this was hilarious.


What’s worse than rocks? A greasy, smelly console and games.


Use common sense when you buy electronics – don’t be afraid to ask the employee to check what’s inside the box if you’re buying pre-owned. Only order from people with a 98% seller rating or higher, and don’t lose receipts. It’s obvious information, but stories like Bakshts’ are all too common.

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