When Pokemon Evolve Like Digimon, Nostalgia Wins


Growing up, Pokemon and Digimon seemed like they were at odds. Which ‘Mon’ would win the hearts of youngsters? Pokemon. The answer was always Pokemon. Digimon definitely had its popularity, but seriously, Pokemon is a powerhouse. Still, though, I’ve always wondered what would happen if we had a crossover.

YouTube user Jimcopro1 also seemed to wonder the same thing and went ahead and answered that for us, giving us this wonderful ‘Pokemon X Digimon’ video that shows us how Pokemon evolution could have looked if it was on Digimon. Honestly, I love everything about this video, including the use of the Unknown letters. Also, the fact that this animation is perfectly updated to reflect the current mega evolution of Squirtle makes everything that much better. Squirtle also isn’t the only Pokemon to get the Digimon treatment. Charmander (my starter of choice and don’t you DARE talk bad about him) and Bulbasaur each have their own videos as well! Check them out Jimcopro1’s channel to see the rest!

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