Paul McCartney’s Destiny Music Video is WTF Worthy


While Destiny ended up not quite being what was promised, I have to say some of the media surround it it is actually pretty interesting, if not outright cool. That being said, probably one of the most WTF-worthy music videos in a long time has just been released. Paul McCartney of The Beatles fame just released a Destiny-themed music video for his son, ‘Hope For The Future’. Now, I’m not entirely sure of what happened since The Beatles, but I have to say the song is only okay. It’s not terribly catchy, but it’s not terrible.

That being said, the music video is just straight up WTF worthy. When I think of next gen titles like Destiny, I think hard rock, or dubstep not this power ballad, or McCartney doing his best Star Wars hologram impression thanks to Dinklebot. The music video also looks like it was made in large part with in-game footage which I guess it pretty cool, but still. What the hell? This game was sold to us on its action and combat, and here’s holo-Paul singing wistfully to the characters who are just sitting in a pow-wow circle around him. I don’t understand, you guys. Paul McCartney’s Destiny music video just has me looking in confusion more than actually getting more excited either about his career or the song.

Even crazier than the video is the thought that someone sat down and said “You know what’s a good idea? Let’s have a hologram Paul McCartney sing a song set in our action game!” “BRILLIANT,” said the yes-man, “Let’s get to work on that right away! What should be happening in the game?” “Nothing! Absolutely nothing,” said the idea man, “They should be just sitting down, enthralled by the hologram with shiny vistas the players can’t explore in the background.” Seriously, guys… why?

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