Mod Allows Player to Play Master Hand With Your Hand


Master Hand, the final boss of Super Smash Bros fame, has always been rumored to be playable. It’s one of those gamer urban legends that just so happens to be true in Super Smash Bros. Melee. Normally Master Hand is a non-playable boss, but in Melee if you have a controller in slot 3, you place the cursor over the name field, then press A and B at the same time. Hold the B button, but release the A button, then go down with the cursor until it’s just over the “name entry field.” Press the A button at just the right time. This should take you to the stage selection screen, and when you choose a stage, you will end up playing as Master Hand.

Alternatively, you could just say “screw all of that” and play Master Hand with cheats on the Dolphin emulator, which is exactly what YouTube user Chadtronic did. Of course, he took this just a step further, adding in the Leap Motion Hand Tracking program that allowed him to control Master Hand with his own hand. He was able to map specific gestures to the similar attacks Master Hand makes in the game. It’s not perfect, but holy crap does it look cool. This is the sort of thing that would have blown my mind back when I was 13, and my mind is already pretty close to being blown right now.

Make sure you check out his other YouTube videos, including his forray into an odd, if not creepy Super Mario 64 using the Occulus Rift and more!

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