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I have been playing Craft the World for quite some time. It’s been on Steam Early Access for just over a year that I recall and it has been an interesting one. The games that I have started playing in Early Access are starting to get released and Craft the World has been through some serious changes. The final result is satisfying but the game feels stunted by something that plagues games in this “Dwarf Fortress” genre.

You play as a small group of dwarves that must live off the land and discover ancient ruins that are key to their history. As you complete the different tasks assigned, you are rewarded with items and more dwarves. The more dwarves you have, the easier it becomes to gather materials and make items.

ss_f1f65f743ffdb5cca5c9772011b231c1ef85651eEvery level has a base objective, but most of them will play out the same. You fill out the whole crafting tree so you have strong fighters, kill some monsters, complete the objective, then move on. The game has this interesting mix of free reign and strict structure. You can make basically anything you want at the pace you want, but at the same time there is a specific way you must progress to complete the world. As such, the game creates its own challenge.

After about an hour of crafting and establishing your home, you will be attacked by a massive wave of skeletons and zombies. This is where it gets challenging. You must have enough dwarves to successfully defend your home, but you also need to have enough weapons and armor built so they actually stand a chance. There is hardly a “fast way” to do things in this game too. Craft the World‘s pacing is incredibly slow at all stages and the AI can sometimes be rather stubborn when you need it to be responsive the most.

You mine, you build, you fight. As you mine more, your areas to travel get bigger, thus prolonging the game. The dwarves must take all of the materials they harvest back to the central supply post and it’s always as far away as possible. There are ways to speed this up through a variety of utility spells. This includes a teleportation spell. The catch is that it lasts for 3 minutes and every use dwindles the time it stays up. Spells use mana that regenerates every 2 or so minutes. Your mana pool gets bigger when you level up, but once you hit about level 9 it will take a much longer time to increase.

ss_e8739807ba034e01683d94e7e563ffc8e10102a1The crafting is massive and something can always be built into something better. You will find base materials and refine them into something better to make stronger weapons and so on. The catch is that a lot of the high tier weapons and armor take a rather long time to create. Everything about this game seems to hinge on time, like it aims to make you spend more time making new weapons than trying to complete the level.

Some mechanics are also poorly explained mainly what qualifies as a shelter and what doesn’t. The mission objective in early stages of the game is also poorly explain and players can seem lost at times. Craft the World has unbalanced gameplay when it comes to crafting freedom and objective structure. It is somewhat difficult to play because of this. The game isn’t bad, to be honest. It’s very playable and can be very fun when you’re looking to kill large amounts of time. It’s just incredibly slow.

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