Guy Beats Dragon Age: Inquisition, Nightmare/No Party


I am incredibly sad. Here I am on my first playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition on normal with almost 50 hours played, and I still haven’t beaten the game. And then… and then you have BOYvsVIDEOGAME doing shit like beating the whole game without a party on nightmare mode. Yeah, that’s right. The mode that straight up punishes you for every little flaw, this guy managed to beat without any party members there to help. Sunnovabitch.

BOYvsVIDEOGAME put up his entire 28 part playthrough on YouTube in case you doubt his abilities. It seems his strategy was pretty much to play an archer rogue/assassin with plenty of traps and ways to escape. It’s smart, really. That gives him high DPS and also the ability to get away super fast. In the final fight, you actually see this strategy in action. It’s also kind of funny when he disappears and you see the bosses like Corypheus just stand there, not sure what to do with themselves until the character comes out of hiding and once again starts attacking him for damage that’s close to 2.5k/shot.

The game has only been out for a few weeks, and this guy seems to have pretty much mastered it. I am damn impressed. If you’re curious about his build, he lists it in the description of his videos:

Archer: Death from above, leaping shot, long shot, rolling draw, strafing shots, full draw
Assassin: Hidden blades, I was never here, throat cutter, knockout bomb, gaps in the armor
Subterfuge: Stealth, evasion, evade, ambush
Sabotage: caltrops, looked like it hurt, cheap shot, throwing blades

If you were wondering, yes: He absolutely did beat all of the dragons solo and on nightmare mode. Like a boss.  Make sure to check out his channel for all the videos if you want to figure out how to copy his crazy skills. Make sure to check out his channel for all the crazy cool videos. It’s also especially cool when you look at how his play style changes from part 1 to part 28.

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