Fox Amiibo Makes it to Smash Semi-Finals


Amiibos are perhaps one of the most interesting additions to come with Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. They are essentially bots you can use to play against other characters in Sm4sh, have them fight along side you, or you can fight them yourself. Amiibos grow the more they battle. They come built in with a leveling system (a max level of 50), and they have adaptive AI, meaning they learn to beat you the more you play against them. As Amiibos grow and evolve, they get better, faster, and gain unique stats. They act almost like personal Pokemon in that regards. That is actually something incredibly important to keep in mind for the following story.

Back in late November, a local Super Mash Bros. tournament took place in Richmond, BC. It’s just a standard weekly tournament, and nothing too big. It was also only one of the more recent tournaments to include Sm4sh in the lineup. As a joke, a lvl 50 Fox Amiibo named WaveShine was entered into the tournament. For only a few dollars, why not have a good laugh?

As the source of this story, Siliconera, states, this joke actually got a little further than anyone expected. WaveShine adapted to its opponents’ play styles, and using damn near “frame perfect timing”. The Amiibo was so good, it made its way to the Losers Semi-Finals, where it was knocked out by the eventual winner of the tournament, Firefly. You can watch the tournament here, and fast forward the video to about 1:33:00 to see the match. To see the quarter-finals with WaveShine vs. Daze (who is quoted in the Siliconera article), check the video below and fast forward to 2:10.

While I doubt Amiibo vs. Humans will be a thing, I do think it would actually be really interesting to see full Amiibo tournaments to see who can train the best Amiibo out there. I’m also damn impressed with the AI on the amiibos. It’s certainly a long way from when we were able to win every match against a lvl 9 bot in Melee without moving. I also wonder if teaching Amiibos how to beat us is what will lead to the inevitable robot uprising.

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