Defective Amiibo Sells for $2,500


What does it say when a defective, $13 Amiibo sells for $2,500? On Monday, a defective Samus Amiibo sold for exactly that much on eBay. What made this particular Amiibo so special? Samus has a cannon on each arm (see the image above). Yeah, that’s pretty crazy, but it’s also super cool. The Amiibo was sold still in its factory packaging, and apparently that fetched quite the price.

Word of this impressively valued figurine spread first on Reddit, where the original owner posted a photo of it under his username, Adamantium126. After a lot of pressure in the comments, he ensured everyone that he was absolutely keeping it sealed in the box. GameSpot also wrote an article about the figurine. According to the article, Adamantium126 almost opened it, or probably would have if his friend didn’t point out the two cannons beforehand. It’s definitely a good thing he noticed, considering the bounty the auction got him.

There were a total of 75 bids over 7 days for the defective Amiibo, but the winner game in just 4 seconds before bidding closed with this $2,500 bid to seal the deal. Whomever that winner is, I hope he enjoys it, or at least keeps the Amiibo safe… and possibly secret. Maybe in a hobbit hole somewhere. Either way, it’s still pretty damn cool. Why can’t I ever get that lucky?

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